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Building has been out of commission since the
Dec. 1, 2001 fire.
Front bricks fell
March 27, 2002.
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City Hall Stabilization & Cleanup Continuess
March 23, 2004
South End First (Old Fire Station)
Ark Wrecking project supervisor, Jesse Emhoolah, indicated there was about a 4 inch gap inside a portion of the top of the east wall. He stated that when the stabilization pole was placed the brick pushed through and fell inside the wall. Jesse stated the top of that wall would require some extra work but was still salvageable. He indicated the other walls looked to be in much better shape.
The initial work has been in the old fire station portion of the building (facing Main Street).
This view is looking into the open (fire engine) door and shows the remains of the stairs against the west wall. The buildings' roof and second floor have dropped down into the open bay where the fire engines used to reside. A chair and cabinets can be seen where a portion of an upstairs office was located before the fire.
The metal I-beam in the front part of the building is still intact. The twisted I-beam in the back portion of the building will be removed later with a crane.

A pre-fire view of the west wall and stairs similar to the cleanup view above right.
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The inside of the east wall which is now braced from the outside.

Center portion ...
End of the day results ... half of front bay cleared