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June 21st City Commission Meet
June 21, 2004
2004-05 Budget Approval
City Planner Changes July 1st
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The Collinsville City Commission met Monday, June 21st at 7pm (at the City Hall Annex) for the regular meeting of the Municipal Authority and Commission.

Selected City Commission Topics:

III. CONSENT: All matters under "Consent" are considered by the City Commission to be routine and will be enacted by one motion. Any Commissioner may, however, remove an item from consent by request.
1. Approval of Minutes of the Collinsville City Commission Regular Meeting of June 7, 2004.
2. Approval of disbursements and payroll.
3. May 2004 Financial Report.

1. Consideration and possible action to approve amended 2003-2004 fiscal year budget.

2. Consideration and possible action to approve Resolution 2004-08, a resolution of the City of Collinsville, Oklahoma, adopting the budget for the General Fund, Capital Improvement Fund, Sales Tax Reserve Fund and the Sinking Fund for the Fiscal Year beginning July 1, 2004 and ending June 30, 2005 and providing for the investment of said funds.

3. Consideration and possible action to approve the emergency clause on proposed Resolution 2004-08.

4. Discussion and consideration of directing the Collinsville Planning Commission to prepare a Zoning Code Text Amendment relating to required separation for sexually-oriented businesses in accordance with the provisions of Section 1520 of the Collinsville Zoning Code.

1. Consideration and possible action to go into Executive Session to discuss the following:
a) Collective bargaining negotiation updates with local FOP Lodge 166 as allowed by O.S. 25, 307 (b) (2). 2004/2005 Contract

Open Session:

2. Discussion and possible action concerning local FOP Lodge 166 2004/2005 contract.

3. Consideration of any new business, which can be considered an emergency, to come before the City Commission not known about or which could not have been reasonably anticipated at the time of posting this agenda.


Selected CMA Topics:

a) Approval of Minutes of the Collinsville Municipal Authority Regular Meeting of June 7, 2004.
b) Approval of disbursements and payroll.
c) May 2004 Financial Report.

City Manager's Report's
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Unfortunately I was unable to attend the first 35 minutes of the meeting and the meeting was over within about 40 minutes. All commissioners were present. According to Mayor Sallee the adenda items were approved with no surprises.

The big announcement at the meeting was the transfer of City Planner Erik Enyart (within INCOG) to Creek County as their new full time planner. Erik had been part-time between Collinsville & Creek County. Former Collinsville City Planner Bob Wolfram will be returning to Collinsville ~July 1st..

-- Ted Wright 6/21/2004 9pm