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July 19th City Commission Meet
July 19, 2004
Trash Collection Changes Pondered
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The Collinsville City Commission met Monday, July 19th at 7pm (at the City Hall Annex) for the regular meeting of the Municipal Authority and Commission.

Selected City Commission Topics:

Previous minutes and consent agenda items (including expenditures of $29,242) were approved by all.

Round two of the dicussions on a new contract for Collinsville trash collection: "consideration and possible action to award Solid Waste contract" was the only specific item on the the city commission agenda. New bids had been received from Risley & Sons and Waste Connections, Inc. After a lengthy discussion and clarification on both bids the commissioners requested specific additional bid detail from both bidders and tabled the topic until the next commission meet (Aug. 2nd).

The bid request indicated Collinsville has 1591 current residential customers, 111 commercial cans and 59 dumpsters. The city is leaning in the direction of 90-95 gallon poly carts to replace the assortment of containers currently used by residential customers. There were an assortment of bids for 1-vs-2 times per week residential pickup, existing containers -vs- poly cart, and 1-2-3 year contract lengths. The discussion also indicated there was a potential for commercial service less that the current 5 times per week. One potential change with the poly cart system (depending on the size on the truck) is the likelyhood of requiring street instead of alley pickup in the residential areas

Risley & Sons is the current contractor for the city and expressed concerns that their contract has expired and their employees did not know if they still had jobs. The city had agreed to extend for 30 days initially and the potential new contractor (Waste Connections) indicated that if they won the contract it would take at least 30 days to take over, so the city assured Risley they had the job for at least 60 days (and more if they won the new contract). Waste Connections is just now expanding into this area having served in the Oklahoma City area previously.

Selected Municipal Authority Topics:

Previous minutes and consent agenda items (including CMA expenditures of $26,389) were approved by all except Trustee Pam Porter. Pam's no vote was apparently aimed at the $1500 (1st of 8) payment to Collinsville Downtown, Inc. Porter has requested that item be isolated as a specific agenda item in the past instead of being a part of the consent agenda.

City Manager's Report (Mike Tinker):
* Fred Snow (railroad representative) will be here to discuss city commission concerns at the August 16th meeting.
* Beeline Contractors did not make the meeting with ODOT for 5th & Main improvements, but still expect project completion by mid-September.
* Progress continues on the new EMS/Fire Dept building.
* Paving began today on 8th Street south of Spring St. This street had been gravel previously.
* The alley between 10th and 11th (& Main and Center) will be repaved by next week.'s
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