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City Commission Meeting
Jan. 19, 2004
Name of Street East of Cemetery Uncertain
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The Collinsville City Commission met Monday, Jan. 19th at 7pm with Mayor Sirmon and only two commissioners present. Commissioners Overholt & Sallee were absent.

City Commissioners Pam Porter and Gail Rogers took turns making the motions and seconding for each other as they and the Mayor moved quickly thru the CMA and City Commission agendas. The topics taking the most time were reading of information from a preliminary plat and a plan by the city planner. I missed the first few minutes of the CMA agenda and do not yet know the results of the vote on the $1500 installment payment for Collinsville Downtown, Inc.

City Manager Mike Tinker reported a new conceptual plan for the fire station was now available and under review by the Fire Chief and EMS Director. This is seperable from the City Hall building which is being slowed by lack of a new plan after switching architects. Bids have not yet been requested for the cleanout / stabalization of City Hall pending that plan. Tinker indicated Vision 2025 funds were in place now for Collinsville to submit claims against to the county ($2.1 million for City Hall and $227K for downtown beautification) with a 36 month clock ticking.

The Commissioners approved two funds transfers ($30K from sales tax reserves to the general fund and $15K from sales tax reserves to 1999 Sales Tax Fund for bond and interest payments) as recommended by Jim Rush.

Also approved was Resolution 2004-01 accepting a beneficial interest in the Metropolitan Environmental Trust on behalf of the City of Collinsville. One reason cited by Mike Tinker was to comply with the DEQ consent order the city is under due to spikes in pollutants last year. The city will now be able to take full advantage of the MET's yearly collection of household pollutants at the Fairgrounds in Tulsa. Collinsville will now be a member of the organization and pay dues.

The city entered into an agreement with INCOG to take advantage of a $5635 grant for a required multi-hazard mitigation plan. INCOG will create the plan. The State of Oklahoma supplied the grant.

A preliminary plat for Cooper Crossing (near Highways 75 & 20) and site plan for Victory Energy Operations, LLC were presented by City Planner, Erik Enyart. The Victory Energy plan is for a manufacturing facility on property located on the north side of 126th St. N. roughly ¼ mile west of Garnett Rd (former Collinsville Industrial Park). No commission action was taken or required.

Erik Enyart also discussed the proper name for the street just east of Ridgelawn Cemetery (leading to Stonegate) which apparently has no signage and the correct street number is uncertain. If Collinsville numbering were used it would likely be 27th Street West. It was decided to check further to determine if Tulsa or 911 numbering would meet other needs. The street is apparently not even on the 911 emergency map system.

-- Ted Wright -- Tuesday am Jan. 20th's
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City Clerk, Dana Conner indicated she still needs one more election worker from Ward IV for the Jan 27th city election. Call City Hall if you are interested (371-1010).