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City Commission Meeting
Feb. 16, 2004
Draft Agreements for Vision 2025 Funds In Review
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The Collinsville City Commission (& Municipal Authoriy) met Monday, Feb. 17th at 7pm with all commissioners present & Mayor Sirmon absent.

The Collinsville Municipal Authority approved the consent agenda. Collinsville Downtown, Inc. was approved for the sixth of eight $1500 payments this year from the city with Pam Porter voicing the only no vote. Draft agreements for $2,185,000 (City Hall / Community Center) and $227,322 (downtown improvements) are currently under review by Collinsville officials and City Attorney Ken Underwood. That $2,412,322 total from Vision 2025 sales tax collecting in Tulsa County does not include an additional amount that will be available to the Collinsville Schools.

In the City Manager's report, Mike Tinker mentioned the following topics:
* Issue resolution, arbitration and negotiations with the F.O.P.
* Meeting with Cooper Mesa (planned housing addition)
* Meeting Kyle Smalygo (planned housing addition)
* Potential grant money associated with Victory Industries re-location here
* Hosted Jenks City Manager and Planner here
* Thanked Gov. Henry and staff for speedy finalization of charter change paperwork.

The Collinsville City Commission approved it's concent agenda. One topic of discussion in the claims approved related to which police officers had cell phones provided. The answer was the chief and two seargents now. Mike Tinker indicated hopes of future phones for all officers with walkie-talkie capabilties.

There being no new business the meeting was adjorned by about 7:21pm after a very short agenda on this President's Day holiday.

-- Ted Wright -- Feb. 17, 2004's
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