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Collinsville, Oklahoma
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City Commission Meeting
Dec. 20, 2004
Zoning Action / Downtown Improvements
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The Collinsville City Commission met Monday, Dec. 20th
at 7pm (at the City Hall Annex, 1126 West Main) for the regular meeting of the Municipal Authority and Commission with all present.


1. Approval of Minutes of the Collinsville City Commission Regular Meeting of December 6, 2004 and Minutes of the Collinsville City Commission Special Meeting of December 10, 2004 and Minutes of the Collinsville City Commission Special Meeting of December 15, 2004.
2. Approval of disbursements and payroll.
3. November Financial Report.
4. Cemetery Deeds.
-- Approved


1. PUBLIC HEARING: CZ-154/PUD 1- Public hearing and consideration of possible approval of Zoning Ordinance 752 on a request to rezone property, generally located in the SE/C of S.H. 20 (146TH St. N.) and N. Sheridan Road (65th E. Ave.), from AG to CS, RE and PUD for commercial and residential uses per Sections 410, 610 and 910.1 of the Collinsville Zoning Code. The subject property is located in Section 26, Township 22 North, Range 13 East and consists of 80.55 acres. -- Approved ... Mayor Sallee removed himself from the discussion & action on items 1 & 2. Jeff Tuttle, architect for owners D.G. & S. answered question for the commission. He indicated D.G. & S. plans to provide an extra lane for entry and exit from the housing addition onto busy Highway 20. The 80 acre addition (Cooper Mill) plans 92 estate sized lots and later plans for commercial development at Sheridan and Highway 20 in the NW corner of the development. There was no public comment on this zoning change which had already passed thru public hearings in the Planning Commission process.

2. Discussion and possible approval of an Emergency Clause pertaining to Ordinance 752. -- Approved

3. Consideration and possible approval of Resolution 2004-10 endorsing the submission of a transportation enhancement application to the State of Oklahoma Department of Transportation for enhancements to pedestrian ways for a two block portion of Main Street within the Central Business District. -- Approved

Keith Franklin of Landplan Consultants, Inc. provided details of the enhancements planned for the 2-blocks of Main between 10th & 12th Street. The application will go to ODOT by Jan. 3rd, 2005. If ODOT approves the application they will provide approximately $407K in grants to match Collinsville's $191K from Vision & city funds. The city won't know until April or May if ODOT will provide funds. Construction would not begin until about Feb. 2006 at the earliest according to Franklin.

4. Consideration and possible approval of Resolution 2004-1, authorizing and directing the Mayor to execute a Project Maintenance Agreement with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation for Project No. STPY-172A(274)TR, Job Piece No. 21954(04), School Zone Message Signs with Flashing Beacons along SH-20 near the Collinsville High School. --Approved ... the school zone would run from the east edge of the cemetery to the near the nursing home on either side of the high school. School zone message signs with flashing beacons along Highway 20 are part of the ODOT design. (related story)


Executive Session to discuss the following:

Confidential communication with City Attorney regarding pending investigations, proceedings, claims and litigation as allowed by O.S. 25, 307 (b) (4).

· Tort Claim - Debra Shepherd
· Tort Claim - Dale Gross
· Tort Claim - James Fugate

No action taken on return to open session



Collinsville Municipal Authority Agenda:

IV. CONSENT: All matters under "Consent" are considered by the Authority to be routine and will be enacted by one motion. Any Trustee may, however, remove an item from consent by request.
a) Approval of Minutes of the Collinsville Municipal Authority Regular Meeting of December 6, 2004.
b) Approval of disbursements and payroll.


1. Acting City Manager Report.(Note: This was Bob Wolfram's final meeting as acting city manager with Jim Whitlock taking over in January):
* Holiday trash schedule & extra manual pickup outside polycarts
* Multiple Vision 2025 related projected
* Expect Corporation Commission legal action againt SK&O
* Cemetery building has electricity, plumbing and interior refurbishing.

VI. Consideration of any new business, which can be considered an emergency, to come before the Authority not known about or which could not have been reasonably anticipated at the time of posting this agenda. -- None's
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