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City Agenda for April 19th
April 15, 2004
Alcohol Discussion Is Back on Agenda
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The Collinsville City Commission will meet Monday, April 19th at 7pm (at the City Hall Annex) for a regular meeting of the Municipal Authority and City Commissioners.

IV. UNFINISHED BUSINESS (City Commission Agenda)

1. Discussion and possible action regarding prohibiting the sale and/or consumption of alcohol or intoxicating beverages on public right of ways.

2. Consideration and possible action to approve a Proclamation, supporting Week of the Young Child, April 19th - 24th, 2004.

3. Discussion and possible action to approve purchase from Casco Industries rescue apparatus (Deluxe Combination Tool Package, Pump w/Briggs and Ram Support) for a total of $13,638 to be funded from 2003 FEMA grant EMW-2003-FG-19251 (grant proceeds total $66,262.00 with local match).

4. Discussion and possible action to approve purchase from Wayfest Safety safety equipment (15 regulators @ $891 each and 6 spare bottles @ $599 each) for a total of $16,959 to be funded from 2003 FEMA grant EMW-2003-FG-19251 (grant proceeds total $66,262.00 with local match).

5. Discussion and review of the recommendations from the Planning Commission, City Engineer, and City Attorney and consideration of a request for approval of a Final Plat of Southfork III, containing approximately 34 acres generally located north or the northeast corner of 129th E. Ave. and 126th St. N. in Section 33 Township 22 North Range 14 East.


1. Consideration and possible action to approve payment to Collinsville Downtown Inc. in the amount of $1,500. This is installment 8 of 8.

2. Discussion and possible approval of a "Free Landfill Day" on May 8th, 2004 for Collinsville residents.

3. City Manager Report.'s
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Sorry, I won't have the results from Monday's meeting finished until sometime Tuesday. The quick version is: no vote on alcohol topic, free landfill date moved to May 15, all other topics approved per agenda.
-- Ted 11:30pm Monday 4/19/2004
Guess I'm further behind than I thought -- 3:30am Wed 4/21 update: The key item in the alcohol discussion was a report by City Attorney (Ken Underwood) that current laws and city ordinances already cover the action requested by Pastors Brumley and Limbocker (and others). The city commission has the authority to make exceptions to those ordinances (as they have done the past two years for the Hog 'N' Hot Rods "special event". When polled individually by Pastor Limbocker, several commissioners hedged that they wouldn't decide until hearing this year's proposal by the event organizers (Collinsville Downtown, Inc. and Greybeards). Commissioner Porter has voted against the alcohol exception in the past and said she would again. Commissioners Rogers and Sallee voted for the exception in the past. Commissioner Overholt took office after last year's vote on the issue.