NOTICE: Due to work schedule of maintaining website
(and losing money on research) ...

no new research requests are being accepted

until further notice. -- Ted Wright June 28, 2004


Collinsville Newspaper Stories Located/Copied/Mailed for User Supplied Specific Date.

Searches For Specific Names/Events For A Specified Timeframe (1 Year Typically).

Name/Date Lookups In Partial Collinsville Ridgelawn Cemetery Index.

Actual "Extra" Originals Of Limited (1960s, 70s, 80s) Newspapers Can Be Sold.


Write Down The Pertanent Data Known: Names/Date/Locations/Events

Specify How You Want Search Time (or $'s) Limited. Also Please Indicate If You Only Want A Specific Type Of Information (i.e. Direct Clues To Ancestors Or Descendants) -or- If You Would Like Any/All Info ... Such As When They Went Fishing Or Dined With Friends Or Planted Wheat ...etc.

Provide Mailing Address If You Don't Live Locally And Need Material Mailed.

Email Your Requests to the Museum    (Allows Best Interaction)

-or- Mail/Bring Your Written Requests to the Museum in Downtown Collinsville
1110 W. Main St. -- Collinsville, Oklahoma 74021

Note: Research Is Done By Museum Employees-Only As It Involves Handling The Original Issues Of Collinsville Newspapers And Many Are Old And Brittle. Visitors Taking The Museum Tour Can Requests Copies Of Pages From The Sample History Notebooks On Display.

Note: Research Is Typically Collinsville Oriented, But The Collinsville Newspapers Did Occasionally Carry Correspondents Stories From Nearby Communities (Owasso, Oologah and Vera For Example). The Newspapers Were Usually Published Weekly, But There Were Several Teen Years When There Were Multiple Dailies Published. There Is Also Available A 1928-29-30 'Chouteau Herald' Book.

Note: Most Collinsville Newspapers Were Preserved. Thanks To The Help Of The Oklahoma Historical Society, This Is a Fine Collection But There Are Still Several Missing Issues Through The Early Years. The Files Effectively Start With The Year 1902. There Are Also Many Missing Issues For The Daily Newspapers Of The Teen Years. Most Of 1908 Is Missing.

Note: There Is Currently Only a Partial Index Available For Births/Deaths/Weddings/etc... For The Collinsville Newspaper Archive (for just the earliest years so far)

Note: Scanner Size (for Copies) Covers Less Than Half The Typical Newspaper Page Size

Note: There Are Some Non-Newspaper Resouce Items Available To Aid Searches Also ... Such As a Limited Number Of Collinsville School Yearbooks, Photographs, Teacher/Student Name Lists From the 1909 School Corner Stone, Some Old Phone Books... For Example.

Note: There Are No Guarantees That Even If Someone Was Born/Died/Married/Had A Business/ ...etc... In Collinsville,  That The Event Appears In The News Files. It Is Also Possible That An Item That Does Appear In The News Could Be Missed In A Museum Search (Due To Error Or Unexpected Name/Date Differences Or Original News Typo Or Errors). However, The Museum Staff Strives To Make Each Of You A Satisfied Customer And We Enjoy Helping You Be Successful In Your Search.


$10 Minimum Charge.

$1 Per Story Scanned/Printed. (Some Stories Require Multiple Sheets.)

$2 Lookup Fee For Specific Date Supplied (In Addition To Copies).

$10 Per Hour Search Fee For A Non-Specific Date. ( A Full-Year Search Can Take Four Or More Hours If The Requested Article Is Not Found -or- Is Found In December ... For Example).

$5 Per Last Name For A Ridgelawn Cemetery Lookup (Note: Last Names Beyond "R" Are Not Currently Available. Missing Or Non-Readable Headstones Could Cause Not Locating Someone In An Index Lookup). Recent burials are also not available.

Long-Term 'Casual' Search ... Where Your Requested Name/Event Is Kept On A list And If Spotted During Someone Else's Search ... You Are Only Charged For the Copies Plus A Nominal Search Fee. There Is No Specific Schedule Or Completion Date For This Option. Some articles are not copied but handwritten notes taken and re-typed. There will be a fee for locating and retyping those items.

Another option for larger research projects is a photo CD (instead of printed copies). Prices vary.

(send email to for further information or questions)

Make Check Payable to " Newspaper Museum In Collinsville"

and mail to 1110 W. Main St., Collinsville, OK 74021

(email questions/comments to

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and June 28, 2004 Notice of service no longer available
(Revised 6/24/2005)