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Vision 2025

$2.3 Million for
Collinsville City Hall Restoration?

July 3, 2003
(& July 7 update)

While a potential $885 million total package has been getting the headlines in the Tulsa press and airways, a much smaller line item may be of equal importance to Collinsville. That line item is $2.3 million for a "Collinsville Community Center". If the recent plans remains in place, Tulsa County voters would decide in September 2003 if they are willing to pay an extra one cent sales tax for up to 13 years to fund the many projects in the proposed Dialog/Visioning 2025 package. The totals have jumped drastically in this ever-changing process with the recent addition of Boeing and American Airlines incentive packages.

Collinsville has been represented in this planning process by City manager Mike Tinker. Mike had been scheduled to address the Collinsville Chamber of Commerce Thursday, July 3rd, but was instead called to yet another Vision 2025 session. At the Chamber meeting in Collinsville, City Commissioner Stan Sallee indicated that the $2.3 million for Collinsville would be used to restore the burnt out City Hall structure per plans in work by the Graber Architecture firm (see April 7th City Meet). That plan includes using the existing brick structure as a facade with essentially a new structure built inside. That rennovated building would house a community center as well as selected city offices.

Commissioner Sallee indicated it would take a solid community effort to help win approval of the sales tax increase and that Tulsa Mayor Lafortune and County Commissioner Wilbert Collins would be invited to Collinsville to provide support. According to the July 1st "Tulsa World", Tulsa County Commissioners would meet July 7th to decide on putting the sales tax proposal up for a countywide election.

-- Ted Wright 7/3/2003

Update via Mike Tinker's report at July 7th Collinsville City Commission Meeting:

The $2.3 million Collinsville City Hall Restoration line item survived yet another last minute flurry of changes on July 7. The Tulsa County Commissioners then voted unanimously to call for a September 9th countywide election for an additional 1 cent sales tax. If the Boeing contract goes somewhere other than Tulsa County, the sales tax amount would automatically change to 0.6 cent instead. Mr. Tinker indicated that about $250 million of the $350 million Boeing incentive package was a loan that would need to be repaid by Boeing. Mike indicated that in the 62 days before the election, he and others would be presenting as much information as possible to the Collinsville voters to help them with this important decision.

-- Ted Wright 7/8/2003

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