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-- Collinsville, Oklahoma
Collinsville Education Foundation
P.O. Box 66

Collinsville, OK 74021
Established 1998
A charitable, tax free organization established for a defined purpose. Administered by Trustees in accord with published by-laws; recognized by the State of Oklahoma. A 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.
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Collinsville, Oklahoma

Collinsville Education Foundation
$40 Each

Available at The Collinsville Pharmacy
(1205 W. Main)
or contact Rhonda Paul (918) 371-3332

The afghan depicts several
historic Collinsville buildings/scenes:

Farmers Co-op
A.T.&S.F. Depot
The Collinsville News
Carnegie Library
Dairy Capital
Central Fire Station
Central High School
Main Street
First National Bank
... with Brick Co. border


Collinsville Education Foundation Caps
$10 each

Central High School
$5 each
In 1912, Central High School was constructed at 14th Street between Spring and Center Streets in Collinsville, Oklahoma. It was used until 1969 when a new High School was built at another location. It was torn down in 1971. This ornament is the first in a series sponsored by the Collinsville Education Foundation.
24K Gold Flashed Brass
More About Collinsville Schools
C.E.F. Quilt was given away Founder's Day Sept. 2004)
Selections from 2004 letters from Wilson Elementary teachers thanking the C.E.F. for their grants:
Dear CEF: ... Thanks to your generosity our class was able to participate in more hands-on learning activities through our learning centers. ... What a difference CEF has made in our classroom. -- Tracie Nowlin
...thank you for the overhead projector and cart ... this is greatly appreciated. -- Kelli Harker
... Our class is thankful for the gift of magnetic letters, numbers and words. We use them to learn numbers, spell words and compile sentences. -- Linda Kelley
...thanks on behalf of this year's kindergarten students ... being able to have film and developing costs covered through the grant ... we have captured and preserved many memories ... Thanks CEF for the countless things you provide.-- Carol Ann Sallee
...The flag set we were able to purchase allows our students to exemplify their pride to our state and nation as they conduct our Rise & Shine activities each day. Your dedication to our students, teachers, school and community is an example of excellence in learning and living. -- Corsair Thurman
...Thank you for the digital camcorder ... many uses are already in the works ... We are planning to record our Oklahoma Land Run ... -- Ramona Young
The Transitional first classroom would like to thank the education foundation for the science resource books, alphabet learning center and colorful pencil grips ... we appreciate that you are helping us learn.
Thank you for providing more tests for our Accelerated Reader program ... we now have more than 1000 tests that have been funded almost entirely by your generous gifts over the past few years. The program has proved to be a success and a great motivator for our students to read more books. -- Debbie Wolfe
I would like to thank the Collinsville Education Foundation for my recent grant I received. I will use the money to purchase a computer projector. My classes will benefit from this considerably as I will be able to run computer programs and slide shows and project them on a screen. They will especially benefit when they begin preparing for the English II End of Instruction test in the spring. I will also use this projector for slide shows at the prom and baccalaureate receptions. I am very excited and would once again like to express my thanks!
Missy DeLozier -- Nov. 12, 2004
2007 CEF caps were sponsored by Steve Howe & the Bank of the Lakes