Collinsville, Oklahoma
March 3, 2020
CHS Soccer -vs- Glenpool
JV Boys
+ Varsity Girls & Boys Home Opener
Collinsville Soccer-vs- Glenpool. -- Wins for JV Boys & Varsity Girls.
Varsity Boys lost in tie breaker. -- Tuesday March 3, 2020
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2020 Soccer Girls
Jersey# Player Year
1/Keeper Lilly Thomas 9th
3 Allie McDonald 12th
4/Keeper Baleigh Murfin 11th
5 Jacy Rupe 11th
6 Paige Myers 11th
8 Lana Smith 10th
9 Natalie Belanger 10th
10 Lexi Green 10th
11 Makiah Bays 10th
12 Courtney Priest 9th
14 Kiera Abshire 9th
15 Segen Henley 10th
16 Christine Pitts 11th
19 Lauren Shoulders 11th
20 Audrhea Warnock 11th
22 Alexis Gregory 9th
24 Taylor Rhoton 9th
25 Hailey Wilson 12th
26 Savannah Oestreich 12th
  Manager/Trainers: Georgia Hadley, Eliana Halverson, Kyleigh Collins, Armondo Gonzales
  Head Coach - Justin Schubert
Assistant Coach - Jennifer Christian
2020 Soccer Boys
Jersey# Player Year
0 Joey Rigby 10th
1 Fernando Gonzales 10th
2 Rhett Parnell 12th
3 Brady Mitchell 12th
5 Dallas Ford 11th
6 Josh Bigit 12th
7/Keeper Jasper Tyler 12th
8 Hunter Herriman 12th
9 Duncan Fisher 11th
10 Alex Guthrie 12th
11 Adam Roberts 12th
13 Chuck Beazer ??
14 Julio Espinoza 12th
15/33 Grant Casebeer 12th
Keeper Cody Root 11th
20 Kiowa Johnson 11th
24 Ashton Jones 12th
25 Nathaniel Serna 12th
26/Keeper Jonah Sagi 11th
30 Lane Hutchens 11th
40 Colton Mcsperritt 10th
99 Jacob Biggs 11th
Keeper Chris Garcia 9th
  Manager/Trainers: Georgia Hadley, Lana Smith, Armondo Gonzales
  Head Coach - Justin Schubert
Assistant Coaches - Jarrod Shearer, Mark Hansen, Gage Powers
Please dismiss the following Soccer athletes at 8:40 Friday for the Coweta JV Tournament. Thank-you. Coach Schubert

Ashton Watkins 9th
Kimber Abshire 9th
Lacey Boren 10th
Lana Smith 10th
Anna Willis 9th
Natalie Nail 9th
Hailey Peters 9th
Kiera Abshire 9th
Taylor Rhoton 9th
Lauren Shoulders 11th
Alexis Gregory 10th
Lilly Thomas 9th
Reagan Norman 9th
Kyleigh Collins 10th

Cesar Magallanes 9
Kaden Dose 9
Sergio Escobedo 9
Miakol Escudero 12
Chris Garcia 9
Armando Gonzalez 12
Cade Mcsorley 10
Colton Mcsperritt 10
Clay Montes 11
Lance Montgomery 9
Aek Nithianandan 9
Alex Oder 9
Jacob Petti 9
Joey Rigby 10
Devon Walla 9
Joey Zodrow 9
Jasper Tyler 12

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