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June 30, 2020
Miscellaneous News
Misc. June News Items / Events
Collinsville School's first "Support People of the Year" are:
High School- Brenda Clow (6/8/2020 Tweet)
Middle School- Brandi Glasscock (6/8/2020 Tweet)
Wilson 6th- Linda Fair (6/8/2020 Tweet)
CUE- Tammy Smith (6/8/2020 Tweet)
Herald- Amanda Haven (6/8/2020 Tweet)
ECC- Joyce Hodge (6/8/2020 Tweet)
ESC/Maintenance/Technology- Brenda Flanary (6/8/2020 Tweet)
Transportation- Mary Turner (6/8/2020 Tweet)
Collinsville Schools@OKCardinalChirp
March 3, 2020
Collinsville's District "Teacher of the Year" is Taylor Wheeler from the Middle School.

Our site "Teachers of the Year":
High School - Stacey Dutton (video)
Middle School - Taylor Wheeler (Video)
Wilson 6th Grade - Lori Brown
CUE - Kathy Trost (Reading Video) (Another Video)
Herald - Misty Ragle (Video)
ECC - Micah Davis (Video)

Will be Virtual instead ... check the City's Facebook

Special Graduation Ceremony (Tweet1 & Tweet2) -- Before June School Board Meet
(Paige Bargas Video) & (Instagram Cap Toss)
Collinsville High School held a special graduation ceremony June 8th for two military-bound graduates that will miss the July 10th re-scheduled 2020 graduation ceremonies.
Congratulations & Thank You to Dylan Bowlin & Clayton Florea.

There has been a change of location and far fewer people will be available to come, the choir concert was cancelled.
New Location, but same date (6/1) and time:
The Veterans Community Center is located at:
903 W Main Street
-- M. DeBoer (11:22am 6/1/2020)
The Collinsville Homeschoolers raised money for their local VFW, which suffered economically from the COVID-19 lockdown, as did so many other organizations.
Their fundraiser was on Saturday, May 30th at JB's Market in Collinsville.

The presentation of what they earned by selling smoked pork sandwiches will be:

Monday, June 1st at 6:00pm
Location: Collinsville Tri-County Fairgrounds 902 W Center St Collinsville OK
There will be about 200 homeschoolers and their families there to thank our veterans for their service and present what was earned after many donations, weeks of planning and hours of volunteering.

Call Wendi Stearman (918) 398-1962 should you need any further details, she is the director of this homeschool coop.

-- M. DeBoer 5/31/2020

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