2020 Collinsville High School Graduate
Alex Guthrie
Collinsville, OK

8th Grade Basketball Boys (Team 2) -- 2015-2016
(Left to Right) Front Row: Dawson Jefferson (11), Alex Guthrie (11), Jake Lawson (10), and Nick Johnson (2). -- Back Row: Payne Houts (30), Riley Jackson (14), Brandon Becerra (13), Tanner Jones (32), and Trevor Janzen (15).
Wilson 2nd Grade "Friendship"
Wilson students know that being a friend is the best thing you can be. These 2nd graders who show the character trait of Friendship were chosen during the week of December 7th, 2009.

First Row (l-r) Jaylyn Zimola, Sarah Bell, Garrett Henry, and Alex Guthrie
Second Row (l-r) Santasia Smith, Thunder Rozzell, Emma Schnell, and Riley Jackson

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