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May 2019 (Online June 24th)
May Rain & Tornados
Sampling of Historic Rains, Floods, Hail & Tornados
I never anticipated it would continue to rain and storm so much in May (and even now in mid-June) 2019, so I have not kept a good track of the amount of rain and storms in Collinsville (and NE Oklahoma) ... but do not recall a wetter month in my lifetime experience. Day after day of heavy rains filled the streets, creeks, rivers and dams to overflowing. A sunny looking day would slip in every so often and it would appear we were finally "in the clear" but before the day ended there would be another "monsoon" rain. And on many of those days, storm sirens, phone alerts and TV weathermen were constamtly reporting on flooding, tornados and hail hopping around nearly every community. Again, I don't have any good record of events but recall the week that CHS graduation was delayed a day (from Monday May 20th) with flooding and tornados ... we received about two feet of rain in many areas. All of the typically low-lying areas flooded and many others that thought they were out of the 100-year-flood plain watched as flood water got higher day after day. Several other local communities were worse off than Collinsville. -- Ted Wright 6/24/2019
-- the following is a somewhat random and incomplete coverage of those events
-- if anyone has daily or weekly rain totals for Collinsville, I would like to add to this page
5/20 CHS graduation delayed /// heavy rain 6 inch maybe + flooding
5/21 Horsepen Creek residents evacuated (Tweet1) (Daylight Followup Tweet)
Collinsville city and rural firefighters (with an assist from several local communities with inflatable rescue boats) evacuated about 25 residents from Collinsville's Horsepen Creek Mobile Home Park (on north 19th Street) between 2am and 3am Tuesday May 21 as the creek water rose quickly and trapped them in their home. There were no injuries, but many suffered flooding in their homes and vehicles.
Horsepen Creek Update -- 6/20/2019 -- Jack Ashby -- Well, I grew up in Collinsville. I also checked the TMAPC 100 year flood lines. I was behind that line. We had 23 inches of rain in 30 days, this was a 200-year flood or may not happen again. Not all the trailers got water can pick your spots. I got rainwater inside from the storm blowing my door, but no flood water inside, nor did my neighbors...but many others did. I can redo my undercarriage insulation and get another car...many lost their homes...but my neighbor and I back up against the hill. The water would have never gotten up the driveway in a 100-year flood, so many people did take due precautions. I will stay but will move my car if it rains like that again. I have suggested that one small area that may flood be set up as sites for campers and fifth wheels. Probably 80% or more of the homes were not damaged.
Caney River Flooding Near Collinsville Anticipated -- NewsOn6 5/22/2019
CHS Graduation Delayed One Day Due To Severe Weather Threat -- 11:30am Monday
Due to the threat of bad weather, graduation has been postponed until 7:00 tomorrow evening, Tuesday, May 21 at the same location.

While the TU facility is safe, we are concerned about getting the students and guests in and out safely. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you! -- Superintendent Lance West

No School Tuesday May 21
Important Reminders:

Graduation ceremonies will be held as planned tonight at 7:00 at TU.
End-of-year calendar remains unchanged:
Students last day will be Thursday, May 23.
Teachers report for Professional Development on Friday, May 24.

Thank you and enjoy your summer!

-- Collinsville Public Schools -- Tuesday May 21, 2019
CHS Graduation Tuesday 7pm
That was close! But Collinsville apparently dodged significant damage as a small tornado remained aloft for most of it passage over Collinsville Wed. evening ~6:15pm May 22. -- Ted
5/21/2019 Southfork last night
Baylor Weathers our enjoying the lake between the rain storms. - Roy Weathers
Pryor Lightning Fire Death of CHS Grad (Mike Collier Tweet 5/21) (Dorthy Feeback Facebook 5/21)
Another former Cardinal passed away this morning. I dont have picture but she was a dear friend. Cynthia Denise Watt Hoffman and her 4 yr old granddaughter passed away this morning in Pryor after a lightening strike caught her home on fire. She moved away in the 70s but I remeber her singing in the high school choir at a Christmas concert.
Cynthia Denise Watt Hoffman Aug 7, 1959 -May 21,2019 RIP Cyndi -- Jenks Aquarium Sealed for flood
6/6/2019 Chamber Free Plaza Movie was rainout
Collinsville Home Run Club -- Varsity baseball games in Collinsville are canceled for tonight (Monday 6/17). (Ranout Monday) --> Bark In Park Moves to Tuesday
June 18th Lightning Video (Tweet)

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