Collinsville, Oklahoma
August 2, 2019
CNP - Free & Reduced Meals
Please Apply
For 2019-2020 School Year
"It's Back to School Time, so you know what that means!

That's right, it's time for School Nutrition Programs to ramp up their efforts to get kids fed at school during the year--without accruing a lot of debt on meal accounts. Lots of people want to help, and will even offer to help pay for meals---we are blessed to live in such a giving community. But, do you know what's even better? Never acquiring the debt in the first place. Help me, help families apply for free meals!

Free & Reduced Meal Application
-Get your application in.
-Your child doesn't eat school meals? Apply anyway, just in case. Also, an application may mean more dollars for things grants & scholarships for our students as well as our educational groups and programs.
-Loan a computer or phone to a friend so they can apply online.
-Help a friend who doesn't speak English with getting an application in their language, we can get applications in about 30 languages, but your friend speaks another? Help them to translate.
-Have a friend who isn't a great reader in any language? Help them apply.
-Worried about supplying your private information? We work for the federal government, we are held to VERY strict guidelines regarding confidentiality! Your information is not shared with anyone outside of our program. In addition, we cannot overtly identify a child by what they pay for a meal.
-"Somebody needs the meal more than we do". Nope, not true. You need help and that's ok. AND if we feed a child, we get federal dollars to pay for local manpower, local distribution, local food... Our community is awesome!....let's use our federal dollars in OUR community.
-You don't want government help? That's cool, but our goal is to feed kids--including yours. Kids need proper nutrition to learn & grow. Let's get them fed and help them to succeed.
-You're embarrassed. That's ok. I can't make you feel differently. But, I promise, it is much less embarrassing for all of us if I get to process your application than to chase you down for a meal bill.
-You didn't like getting free meals when you were a kid? I'm sorry you had a bad experience. School meals are very different today than they were before--we pride ourselves on providing foods that your kids are familiar with, lots of choices, and we follow current food trends in the market---all students regardless of their pay status receive the same meal options.
-Your school nutrition department is self-funded. We completely rely on federal reimbursement or family payments. Help us increase the number of kids approved for low-cost meals, so we can use those federal dollars and you can use your dollars for what you need."

-- MJ

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