Collinsville, Oklahoma
March 20, 2017
CHS Soccer -vs- Noah
JV Boys Lost 2-3
Varsity Girls Lost 0-3
Varsity Boys Won 5-1
Having just completed 14 years of cvilleok, I don't recall catching a soccer "double header" photo, but Monday have 2 1/2 from one evening. -- Ted Wright -- March 21 Tweet
Katie McGowan (#9) - Courtney Wilson (#3) - Garrett Moser (#7)
I see some name/numbers that don't match the rosters I've received and I'm guessing on others .
If you see anyone mid-ID'd let me know so I can fix it -- Ted (
Joseph Pitts (JV #14) JV Goal
Devyn Lyon (#26), Kasey Blevins (#16), Caleb Mitchell (#4), and Alex Guthrie (#5)
JV Goalie John Guthrie
Kasey Blevins
Richard Thao (JV #8)
Caleb Mitchell (JV #4)
Gage Longshore (#30) & Richard Thao (JV #8)
Alex Guthrie (#5)
Caleb Mitchell (JV #4)
Zack Skaggs (#11) has gotten past the Noah Goalie.
Katie McGowan (#9)
Hailey Wilson (#25) shot.
Jamie Fritz (#26)
Dayton Darland (#4) hands-free goal save.
Scramble on a Noah corner kick in front of the Collinsville goal.
Goalie Dezzarai Nelson
Joelle Nelson (#7) slide tackle by Noah bench.
Courtney Wilson (#3)
Bryant Her (#11) goal at 34:25 in the first half (1-0).
Goalie Chase Roden
Goalie Chase Roden save
Angel Perez (#10) shot
Garrett Moser (#7) header
Chris Xiong (#23) goal with ~51 seconds left in first half (2-0).
Chris Xiong (#23) nearly scored off a penalty kick with 25.2 seconds before half time but the ball hit the post instead of the net.
Goalie Chase Roden save with 3 flying defenders.
Freddy Olmos (#9) goal at 27:35 of the 2nd half (3-0).
Angel Perez (#10) long goal at 19:26 in the 2nd half (4-0).
Alejandro Gonzalaz (#3)
Porter Rigby (#4)
Matthew Blissit (#2) slide tackle
Freddy Olmos (#9) goal with 6:40 left in the game (5-1).
Goalie Chase Roden save.

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2017 Collinsville Soccer Girls
Uniform Name Position Grade
00/22 Mikayla Thomas Goalie F
0/18 Dezzarai Nelson Goalie JR
3 Courtney Wilson Forward JR
4 Dayton Darland Defense JR
5 Madison Moore    
6 Megan Carlson Mid JR
7 Joelle Nelson Mid SR
8 Angelica Lopez Defense SR
9 Katie McGowan Defense SR
10 Alex Royer Defense JR
11 Mia Bowers Mid JR
12 Grace Baysinger Defense F
14 Georgia Hadley Def F
15 Sami Clarke    
16 Angela Her Mid F
17 Scarlett Storm    
19 Patricia Contreras Mid SO
21 Monica Rubio    
24 Emily Deleon Mid SO
25 Hailey Wilson Forward F
26 Jamie Fritz Mid SO
?? Jade Holdman   F
Student Managers:
Addison Reed & Mackenzie Wiley
Head Coach: Stacey Dutton
Assistant Coaches: Kassie Dolan & Grant Shafer
2017 Collinsville Varsity Boys Soccer
Jersey Name Year
00 Chase Roden JR
0 Gage Powers SR
1 Joseph Pitts SR
3 Alejandro Gonzalaz SR
4 Porter Rigby SR
5 Cole Hadley JR
7 Garrett Moser JR
2/8 Matthew Blissit JR
8/88 Marcus Reeder SR
9 Freddy Olmos JR
11 Bryant Her JR
14 John Guthrie JR
20 Kasey Blevins SR
23 Chris Xiong SO
25/13 Dylan Meyers SR
27/1 Devyn Lyon JR
33 Chouchi Lo SR
Student Managers: Katy Smith, Alex Olmos & Angelica Lopez
Coaches: Marcus Martinez & Jarrod Shearer
2017 JV Boys Soccer Roster
Red/White Player Year
00 Chase Roden JR
1 John Guthrie JR
2/16 Kasey Blevins JR
3 Porter Rigby SR
4 Caleb Mitchell FR
7 Jasper Tyler FR
5/1 Alex Guthrie FR
6/3 Rhett Parnell FR
8/10 Gage Powers SR
9/8 Richard Thao SR
11 Zack Skaggs JR
12/13 Brady Mitchell FR
15 Isaac Aguero FR
18/11 Joseph Pitts SR
19/25 Austin Tate SR
21 Jace Ellis FR
24/21 Ashton Jones FR
24/14 Taylor Edleman FR
25 Nathaniel Serna FR
26 Richard Her JR
27 Patrick Prodger SR
30 Gage Longshore FR
31/17 Ilya Morrison SO
Student Managers: Katy Smith, Alex Olmos, Alejandro Gonzalez & Angelica Lopez
JV Coach: Jarrod Shearer
Asst. Coach: Victor Martinez