Collinsville, Oklahoma
March 18, 2017
Smelter Site Cleanup Followup
Rehab of Former Tulsa Fuel & Manufacturing Smelter Site In Collinsville Completed in 2016
I've been driving by for many months and finally scheduled time to hike around for a few photos of the EPA cleanup efforts at the site of one of two Collinsville's (1911-1920's vintage) zinc smelter sites. On the EPA's list to cleanup for many years the final "on-site containment" effort finally began in June 2015 and completed sometime in 2016. The plan was to move all of the "contaminated" surface soil on the site to a single location where it was "capped". The area is still not open to the public and it's ownership and eventual future use is unknown (to me).
-- Ted Wright 3/22/2017
The following photos were taken from outside the property facing mostly south or west
Saturday March 18, 2017
The Bailey Ranch water tower is several miles south in the background of this shot.
Wildlife visitors to one of the ponds on the EPA site.
Facing north from near the RR tracks toward the Faith Fellowship Church.
And just as an FYI -- After all of the cleanup efforts by the EPA (at the TMF site) & The Collinsvile Soil Program (community wide) ... there are still many large and small pieces of what look like "smelter slag" to me, along the railroad tracks in Collinsville? - Ted
I am further behind than I thought - I found several July-August-Sept. 2015 photos of the EPA cleanup with equipment on-site that I apparently never published before with two samples below:

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