2017 Collinsville High School Graduate
Mercedeez Collins
Collinsville, OK
Feb. 8, 2017 -- Facebook Update:

Loving Cedee

First of all, let me start by saying I am so sorry that we haven't kept up with her page in such a long time. I sit down to do updates, and I swear I have PTSD or something. I start to feel so overwhelmed and can't breathe very well, and usually I just freeze and stare at a screen for a while before giving up. I'm not sure why today is different, but I will take it!

Second, as I'm sure many are wondering, Cedee is doing amazing! She is a walking, talking miracle. We all witnessed it. Her voice is almost 100% back. It's just got a little raspier tone now. She is doing physical therapy and occupational therapy only one day a week. We finally got to meet her neurologist the middle of January. He was amazing and answered a lot of questions for us. He determined that though she may have some neuropathy in her right foot, it is more likely a pinched nerve in her knee from when she was so swollen. He said it can take up to 6 months for nerves to start to heal themselves. He also helped us realize that she has no feeling on the outer part of her right side. Her face, arm, hand, and part of her leg have no sensation on the outer edge, yet... This may come back, but if it doesn't, it isn't a life changer. She never had the surgery to get the internal defibrillator, as of now, insurance still hasn't approved it. Maybe they will, but if they don't, we are pretty confident that if we can keep her potassium levels in the safe range, she will be ok. We have had to take a few trips to the ER, but they never needed to keep her overnight. It's almost funny how amazed the doctors and nurses are when they read her records! (Only because of their reactions, because we are so used to it now, and it IS shocking to people when they find out her story.) She is working on making it to her 6 month post-trauma so that we can talk about when she can start to drive again. Her neurologist changed some of her meds and the new ones make her an emotional roller coaster sometimes. She is adjusting. Sometimes we totally disagree on things, sometimes we whole heartedly agree, sometimes we just roll our eyes at each other. Things feel pretty much back to normal for me, personally. I hope she can get there soon too.
I do have a request: if any of you reading this came up to the hospital and gave her a blessing or said a prayer over her, if you remember specifics from those blessings or prayers, would you mind sharing what you remember with me? You can PM me, text me, or write it on paper and we can meet up! I want to start compiling a "book" of things. She asks about the experience, what she missed of it, and I want to add as much for her as I can. Those that never got to come pray with her or see her, if there was anytime you had any special feelings or just remember anything significant, would you be willing to share those with us? We really would appreciate it. Thank you all!
I am so sorry that I haven't text, called , or stayed in touch with our dear friends. Normal life is busy sometimes. It's no excuse, but like I said earlier, the "PTSD" kicks in whenever I would think about all the messages I need to send. I know it sounds weird, because I didn't have a problem while we were in the hospital, I don't know why it's different now. Just please know that I love all of you! And if you have my number, you can text me or call anytime!!!!!! I do respond! Just having a hard time making myself do it first!
Thank you all for the support, still!!!!! We love you and pray for you all everyday!
Here is a picture of my two favorite miracles! It's amazing how much of our Heavenly Father's love is standing in this picture!!!!!!

Loving Cedee (Facebook) -- ~9:30am Tues 10/4/2016 -- (regarding Mercedeez Collins -- 2017 CHS Senior)

For all you you that don't know what's going on or only bits and pieces Saturday night Cedee went into cardiac arrest. She had been at the fair with her family and friends and was perfectly fine. Tyson and Cedee left the fair when Cedee started gasping for air and then stopped breathing. Tyson who is so smart and fast acting called 911 and they walked him through everything to do until EMSA got there! Which is the reason she is still with us now! She at one point didn't have a pulse and was not breathing but the paramedics got her heart beat back and rushed her to the emergency room at St John in Tulsa where she is now. They have done lots of test cat scans, an EEG, a heart cath, and probably many more things. The doctors do not know what had caused it so we are still trying to figure that out as of now. The doctors had to get her temperature down to 33 degrees Celsius for 24 hours to get all the swelling down and to basically reboot her body. That process finished and they started warming her body up yesterday (Monday October 3rd) they got her up to the temperature she needed to be where she is now. Cedee is on the 3rd floor in the C.V.I.C.U. If anyone wants to see her or the family. They don't have the results of the EEG yet but we will give you an update on that as soon as we know. The heart cath that they did yesterday checking her arteries and her heart came back great with no blood clots. When they did the EEG she was heavily sedated so the results might come back abnormal or not 100% accurate. As of about 4:15 am this morning They took her off of her sedatives and are just waiting for her to filter it out of her system. And she was needing 100% oxygen yesterday morning and today she is only needing 60% and that's where we are as of now. The Collins family is very appreciative of all the friends and family that has came by and for everything everyone has done for them!! As they are very busy with doctors, nurses, and the amazing friend and family that are coming up to visit they aren't getting back to everyone as they would like so we will keep you guys updated on here as soon as we know something new so you can know as well!! If you want to post about how much Cedee has touched your life, or share what an amazing person she is, pictures, and prayers please do so!! She and her family greatly appreciated it!

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