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December 7, 2017 (Online 12/13/2017)
"Sexting" Warning For Parents
Collinsville Police Department Presentation Poorly Attended
The December 7th Collinsville Police Department attempt to help educate Collinsville parents about risks their teenages face daily on their digital devices was poorly attended. There were several other local activities that same evening but to only have 3 sets of parents show enough interest in a community this size was disappointing. Police Chief Jimmie Richey and Captain Matt Burke said they will try to schedule another parent session in 2018 as well as start talking directly to 7th and 8th graders with a different presentation geared toward them.

Some Sample Points:
* Taking, receiving, sending photos of nude/partially nude underage children is "child porn" and each act is a felony with serious legal consequences regardless of the age of those participating.
* Some teens may not be aware of the potentiall life changing consequences ... either emotionally or legally
* Some teens (and adults pretending to be teens) are well aware and skilled at using various apps to hide their activities
* No one can know for sure the scope of activity in Collinsville but the national estimates are very high
* Parents need to be actively involved in setting guidelines for their teen's devices and monitoring them frequently
* Contact the Collinsville Police Department if you have questions or concerns

Check the Collinsville Police Department Facebook page for updates on this and other Collinsville topics.
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