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April 26, 2017
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FFA Met Dr. Grandin
Collinsville FFA Member Meet Dr. Temple Grandin
-Pictured are (L-R): Laney Branen, Fallin Sexton, Bailee Nunes, Mckena Lewis, Dr. Grandin, Katsy Smalygo, Kaylyn Branen, Julie Branen, Jaquelyn Bastida, Antonia Galicia. Not pictured: Barrett Matlock and Jeremy Sanders
On April 20th eleven Collinsville FFA members traveled to Miami, OK where they had the unique opportunity to meet Dr. Temple Grandin.

Dr. Grandin is an extraordinary individual who has changed the cattle industry. While Dr. Grandin has been a highly influential aspect of the cattle industry for several decades most people had never heard of her until 2010 when the movie "Temple Grandin" was released.

Despite being diagnosed with Autism during a time where Autism was extremely misunderstood, Dr. Grandin earned a Ph. D in Animal Science in 1989 and has developed animal facilities and systems for many of the nations leading suppliers. Research shows that when facilities follow Dr. Grandin's instructions and use systems designed by her they have fewer injured animals and workers.

During our visit Dr. Grandin shared animal handling tips, spoke on handling facilities and easy ways to improve the facilities, and other items such as her grading system for animals. She shared with us that companies such as McDonald's and Wendy's use facilities designed by her to harvest beef.

-- Jennifer Hamlin (April 24, 2017)
Advancing In FFA Speech Contests
(L-R) Laney Branen, Kaylyn Branen and Bailee Nunes
Kaylyn Branen won her division at our PI speech contest and will advance to districts next week. -- Jennifer Hamlin 4/20/2017
Three Oklahoma Senators Served In Afghanistan
Afghan Ambassador addresses State Senate to thank Oklahoma troops who served in his country. Sen. J.J. Dossett; D-Owasso; Sen. Adam Pugh, R-Edmond; Dr. Hamdullah Mohib, Ambassador from Afghanistan; and Sen. Jason Smalley, R-Stroud. The three senators served in Afghanistan.
Oklahoma State Senate -- Communications Division -- State Capitol


Senate Review by Senator J.J. Dossett

We’re quickly approaching the next deadline in the session—Senate committees must conclude work on House bills by Thursday, April 13. After that we’ll focus on bringing the measures approved by committee to the floor for further consideration. But the biggest issues many Oklahomans have been waiting to find out about, like the budget, potential cuts to services and whether there will be any political will to follow through on funding a teacher pay raise probably will remain unknowns until closer to the end of the session.

In between voting on bills on the floor, it’s customary for members of the Legislature to honor individuals, high school sports teams or organizations from our districts for their outstanding achievements or contributions to their communities.

This past week, however, the Senate welcomed a foreign dignitary who asked us to convey a heart-felt message from his country to the people of Oklahoma—in particular, he wanted to express his deepest thanks on behalf of his country to those who served in Afghanistan and to their families for their service, dedication and sacrifice.

There are several members of the Senate who have served in the armed forces, and a handful of us who were deployed to the middle-east as part of the fight against terrorism following 9-11. Three members of the Senate, including me, did tours in Afghanistan.

Another Oklahoman who was sent to Afghanistan was Army Specialist Christopher Horton, from Collinsville. You may know his story. He joined the Oklahoma National Guard in 2008—in 2011, he was killed in Afghanistan. His wife, Jane, has been working ever since then to help the families of our fallen heroes and to make sure their sacrifices are never forgotten.

Her journey brought her to Washington D.C., where she now serves as a congressional and military liaison on the staff of Dr. Hamdullah Mohib, the Ambassador from Afghanistan. It was at her urging that Ambassador Mohib came to Oklahoma and addressed the State Senate this past week.

He told us he came to Oklahoma for one simple purpose—to thank the people of Oklahoma for their service Afghanistan. He said they wanted us to know to know that the Oklahomans who went to Afghanistan made a huge impact and that their sacrifices are not lost on his country, which is now more stable and prosperous because of them. He asked us to please pass my gratitude and the gratitude on behalf of his country on to our citizens.

For me, for Senator Jason Smalley, from Stroud, and Senator Adam Pugh, from Edmond, this was huge. Those who serve in the military don’t do it for thanks or praise—we do it because we want to serve our country, and we want to do our part to protect and preserve freedom. Sometimes that fight takes us to foreign soil. But it meant so much to hear that it mattered—that it made a positive difference and that they know that help came at very high cost for many Oklahomans. We were grateful and humbled to receive that message on behalf of all the Oklahoma troops who served in Afghanistan and their families. It’s something I will never forget.

I welcome your comments on state government and the issues before us. Please feel free to contact me by writing to Senator J.J. Dossett at the State Capitol, Room 522-B, Oklahoma City, OK, 73105; call me at (405) 521-5566.

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