Collinsville, Oklahoma
October 24-25, 2016
Education Foundation Grants
CEF Handed Out $17K In Checks For Teacher Grants

The Collinsville Education Foundation delivered grant checks Monday & Tuesday to teachers who had submitted valid CEF grant applications. Those checks totaled $17,047 and are to be used to further academics.

Those receiving checks were --

ECC -- Micah Davis, Melissa Smith & Pre-K teachers, Carol Ann Sallee, the kindergarden teachers: Natalie Tacker, Sarah Casillas, Cathy Wolf & Tiffany Hammonds.
Herald -- Necia McClendon, Cheryl Meyer, Laura Brown, Carolyn Cornett, 1st grade team, Mitzi Vogel, Marney McNutt, Karen Butts, Kyndall Chronister, Keelie Bowers, Rachel Kemper, Sheila Riggs, Alyssa Keith, Brooke Davison and Ali Ryder.
CUE -- Lisa Patino, Sarah Ellington, Kelley Bush, Susan Jennings, Paula Caudill, Kacy Keim, Amy West, Amy Garrett, Sara Carroll, Lauri Koopsman, Jennifer Rupe, Lisa Weygant and Emilee Bristol.
Wilson -- Mandy Burd, Julie Beeson, Donna Myers, Karen McNeal, Gale Blevins and Adam Hass.
Middle School -- Aaron Prickett, Paige Margworth, Pat Johnston, Amy Gregory, Alicia Herald and Cheryl Bertelli.
High School -- Chad Goodwin, Paige Bargas and Taylor Kite.
Education Foundation Trustees in various check presentation photos below include -- Sheryl Witten, Rhonda Paul, Lexee Schubert, Carolyn Brinkley, Ron Evans and Bart Schultheiss.
CHS -- Goodwin, Kite, Bargas
Wilson 6th -- Blevins and Hass
Collinsville Upper Elementary (CUE)
Herald -- First Grade
Herald -- Second Grade
ECC Kindergarten -- Soto, Wolfe, and Tacker
ECC Pre-K -- Brewer, Harker, Smith and Darland

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Wilson 6th -- Burd
Wilson 6th -- Beeson
Wilson 6th -- McNeal and Myers
CMS -- Gregory
CMS -- A. Herald
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CMS -- Margworth
CMS -- Prickett
CMS -- Johnston
ECC -- Sallee
ECC -- Davis