Collinsville, Oklahoma
November 10, 2015 (Online Nov. 22)
Highway 20 Multi-Lane West
5-Laned Highway 20 West
From Collinsville To Highway 75
Planned By ODOT
Construction Might Start By 2018
I wish I could tell you exactly what occurred at the 6pm ODOT meeting at Collinsville's City Hall Tuesday Nov. 10th, 2015, but I had the start time confused with a different meeting and showed up just as the public hearing concluded. The city hall meeting room was full, so interest is high. I did get a few questions answered and have the handout material below. ODOT plans to expand the current 2-lane portion of Highway 20 west of Collinsville to a 5 lane curb and gutter roadway that will require additional right-of-way on the north side. Replacement of 3 bridges is also part of the project. The total estimated cost is $32.6 million. Right-of-way acquisition and utility relocation is expected to start in 2016. Construction is projected to start in 2018 and the project will be constructed "under traffic" (so no road closure). The current average daily vehicles in 2015 is 6,000 vehicles per day and that is estimated to increase to 9,000 vehicles per day by 2035. -- Ted Wright 11/22/2015
There will be two stop lights on the new Highway 20 roadway as it approaches Highway 75 ... one at the ramps to/from 75 and the other at a revamped Yale Avenue connection ... on either end of Quik-Trip.
This discussion (and map detail) concerned the east end of the project as it will connect to the 4 lane "S-Curve" near the High School and Veterinary Hospital.

Apparently there are plans for Keatonville Hill and further west of Skiatook also on Highway 20.

Collinsville detail

East End

West End

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