Collinsville, Oklahoma
November 18, 2015
3-D Printer With CEF Grant
Middle School STEM Students Thanked Education Foundation
For Their New 3-D Printer
Students Also Building Robots
Middle School students wanted to thank the trustees of the Collinsville Education Foundation for the $3035 grant that helped purchase the 3-D printer that they are already producing items with (see samples below). Not all of the students were available for this photo due to anassembly at the high school and then the bell for the next period at the middle school. They are students in Paige Margwarth's grade STEM classes. The "Science Technology Engineering and Math" program is only available for about twenty 8th graders per class now, but it is hoped the STEM program can be expanded for more students later.
The students have only had the new printer for a short time but are already producing 3-D objects that are formed "a bit like a hot glue gun" from spools of plastic material into a maximum space of 150 mm cubed. The students learn how to convert their ideas into a solid by utilizing the associated computer program and the printer that melts the material (to about 230 degrees) and slowly places the material where programmed as the print heads move across the print area in an x-y grid and then builds in the y direction as depth is added. The sample above were created as awards for the dodge ball tournament and as a thank you plaque for the CEF.
These CEF trustees visited Mrs. Margwarth's classroom Wednesday Nov. 18th to see the 3-D printer in action and to receive the "Thank You" plaque made by the grateful students with their new printer. L-R: Carolyn Brinkley, Rhonda Paul, Sheryl Witten, Ron Evans, Mrs. Margwarth, and Bill Thomas.
I spotted this photo on Facebook a few days after the CEF visit to the Middle school with the winners of the Middle School Dodge Ball Tournament sporting awards around their necks produced by their classmates on the 3-D printer.-- Ted

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