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January 29, 2015
Miscellaneous News
Fantastic Warm January Afternoons /
Herald Entryway Enhanced /
CHS Anatomy Models /
Soccer Practice
Extra Security At Herald Elementary
Herald PTO fundraisers have aided in the addition of locked security doors just inside the exterior doors at the entrance to Herald Elementary. Push the button on the wall and the office staff (who can see and hear you) will unlock the inner door for valid entry.
Outdoor Studies
With unseasonable afternoon temperatures in the 60s and 70s this week, this class moved outside at the middle school to enjoy the weather while they continued their January studies.
Winter Soccer practice
The CHS boys and girls soccer teams have taken advantage of the mild January temperatures for several outdoor January practices recently. I'm guessing the baseball, track, and golf teams have had similar opportunities. -- Ted
CHS Anatomy Class Projects
This "guy" is representative of the many hours of study and work students in Rhonda Rogers' CHS Anatomy class have put in over the past 6 weeks of "body building".
Coach Rogers asked me to get a photo of her student's work before they had to start cleaning off their work to have the models ready for a future class. And they too got to take advantage of the beautiful January weather with a quick outdoor photo Tuesday. I'm sure the construction workers at both school projects (CHS & upper elementary) are enjoying the break in the weather also. -- Ted

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