Collinsville, Oklahoma
August 29, 2015
VFW Celebrates End Of WWII 70 Years Ago
VJ Day Was In August 1945 /
Large Display Of World War II Equipment and Memobilia
At Collinsville VFW
There were four World War II veterans at the Collinsville VFW's celebration of the 70th year since the end of World War II in August 1945. (L-R) Guy Williams, Kenneth Bacon, T.L. Riggs, and Ken McCullogh. These gentlemen are all in their 80s and 90s. There was a hugh display of war equipment and items at the VFW on old HIghway 169 north of town Saturday.

70 Years Ago -- From Aug. 16, 1945
"The Collinsville News" --

Collinsville celebrated way into the night, Tuesday, as President Truman released the news that Japan had surrendered unconditionally. History's most destructive war was over except for the formalities.

A ceremony is planned here for VJ Day (the day of the signing of the formal surrender terms.) A parade and a thanksgiving meeting will be conducted at Perry Park.

On Wednesday morning the announcement came over the radio that gasoline rationing was abolished.


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