Park Board Meeting
August 18, 2015
Sand Volleyball / Tennis Board

No Action On One-Player Option At Tennis Courts

Standalone Meeting Provided Status On City Lake Bike Trail

Previous Meet
July 21, 2015
Regular Meeting Agenda
August 18, 2015 4:30 P.M.
City Hall Commission Room
Collinsville, Oklahoma

1. Call to Order.

2. Roll Call.-- Adam Steidley, Jenny Walker, Glen Reser, and Ted Wright

3. Approval of July 21, 2015 Regular Meeting minutes. -- Approved

4. Follow up discussion and possible action on Sand Volleyball Court. -- Approved, purchase of volleyball equipment totaling $2158 (does not include sand and drainage equiptment).

5. Discussion and possible action on Tennis Wall Board. -- Tabled, But agreed that if the school has a near term need (in Sept 2015 for a seminar?) and presents an acceptable plan for a board, the park board/city could then consider approval for a school installed solution after review.

6. Status on pending Park Projects. -- Miscellaneous topics:
* sewer order near creek entry likely due to vented manhole cover which was swapped out for another location ... to be corrected with non-vented cover
* basketball fence needs work near east basket

Not technically part of this park board meeting ... but instead a pre-meeting which flowed into the park board time slot: Pam Polk, Nick Mendez, Phil Stowell, Rory Peterson, and Ted Wright ... joined later by most of the park board ... discussed status of the proposed bike trail at city lake:

* Tony Boone (a professional trail builder) will be contracted to visit (in November 2015) and design a trail on city property adjacent to the city lake northeast of town.
* City Manager Pam Polk is working on potential grants to help fund the trail. There is one potential $25K Healthy Living grant that interestingly requires that the city have a "farmers market". Pam will be seek clarification to see if "Bountiful Baskets" food distribution or the community garden might meet that grant qualification.
* Pam Polk is also following up on a potential estate donation to the trail.
* Organizer Nick Mendez has volunteer to be the "trail 'boss" to oversee/coordinate it's operation and maintenance
* The trail is expected to be about 3 miles in total with several switchbacks and crossovers.
* The bike trail at Claremore is a good example of what is hoped for at the Collinsville site. It is more beginner friendly ... than say the steep trail at Turkey Mountain in Tulsa. Rory Peterson (Claremore's tral boss) attended this meeting and offerred several suggestions for Collinsville.
* The project would hopefully be more than just the trail with trail head features such as parking, bike racks, signs, picnic tables, maps, etc ... and potentially a rest room at a later date.
* Cost of the project would vary depending on the amount of volunteer labor and equipment that could be used.
* Oklahoma Earth Bike Fellowship is willing to help promote the trail

7. Adjournment.

Ted Wright comments in purple.'s
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