Collinsville, Oklahoma
October 12, 2013
2nd Grade White Football
Collinsville 1st Graders
Beat Berryhill Black 33-0
INFC Youth Football
At Sallee Field Saturday

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2013 Collinsville
2nd Grade White Football
15 Chance Castillio
42 Jack Keith
44 Deago Rivera
21 Caden Reed
? Stryder Mickelson
6 Matthew Saldivar
3 William Lester
10 Cage Boyd
52 Colton Hollenbeck
Coach: Clyde Hollenbeck
Assistants: Calem Boyd & Todd Lester

2013 2nd Grade Cheerleaders
Cheyenne Brewer
Mackenzie Christian
Kamri DeLozier
Lilly Glover
Chelsea Goddard
Kaylee Hillis
Raeanna Johnson
Joesy Jones
Maddie McDonald
Brianna Mendoza
Jillian Patterson
Andi Risley
Sophie Roberts
Leah Rule
Camryn Scott
Abby Turpin
Natalie Wood
Coaches: Corbi Goddard & Christie Badertschter

2nd White Cardinals Scoring Against Berryhill
Oct. 12, 2013
#10 Cage Boyd TD run at 4:04 1st Quarter + #42 Jack Keith keeper for PAT 7-0
#10 Cage Boyd TD run (~77 yards) at 7:37 2nd Quarter + #42 Jack Keith keeper for PAT 14-0
#10 Cage Boyd TD run (~3 yards) at .6 seconds 2nd Quarter + PAT failed 20-0
#10 Cage Boyd TD run at 4:33 13rd Quarter + #42 Jack Keith keeper for PAT 27-0
#42 Jack Keith 27 yard keeper for TD run at 4:04 4th Quarter + PAT pass incomplete 33-0
Coach indicated the team now had 7 shutouts and was undefeated.