Collinsville, Oklahoma
December 20, 2013
4th Grade Girls Basketball -vs- Sperry
Red 4th Grade Girls Team Won 16-6
Here Friday
2013-14 4th Grade Cardinal Chaos Basketball Girls (L-R) Front Row: Regan Crocker (12), KamiLynn Marshall (17), Finn Pieratti (10), and Myra Roberts. Back Row: Alex Smith (24), 00 Riley White (00), Josie Booth (1), Carly White *15), Janice Carpenter (2), and Riley Cotton (16).
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2013-14 Elementary Basketball Schedules

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4th Grade Cardinal Chaos Basketball Girls
00 Riley White
1 Josie Booth
2 Janice Carpenter
10 Finn Pieratti
12 Regan Crocker
13 Myra Roberts
15 Carly White
16 Riley Cotton
17 KamiLynn Marshall
24 Alex Smith
-- from Darrell 12/23