Collinsville, Oklahoma
November 6, 2012
JrHi Girls Basketball Festival
Photos For 7th-8th-9th Grade Games
Here Tuesday -vs- Berryhill
Also Had Monday & Thursday Games
Previous Coverage:
2011 - 7th Berryhill
2011- 8th Berryhill
2011- 9th Berryhill

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Basketball Tip-Off Ted,
We are having a tip off Saturday, November 10th to try to create a stir about the upcoming basketball season. Can you help me spread the word. List of events are:

2:00 - Elementary-6th grade basketball clinic/camp
Our HIgh School Players are going to be instructing.The cost is $5 for an hour.

4:30 - Team and Individual Photos
Professional Photographer

5:30 - Chili Supper

6:30 - Introduction of Players and Coaches
Demonstrations, Skits, and Scrimmage


We want to invite and introduce any Elementary Players or Teams that show up.

-- Kelly Clarke (11/2/2012)
2012-13 Cardinal
7th Grade
Girls Basketball
1 Alex Royer
2 Lexi Draper
3 Carrington Buoy
10 Rilee Lucas
11 Kenady Charles
12 Keri Smith
14 Allie Dugger
15 Taylor McGranahan
20 Cheyenne Martin
21 Kylie Enloe
22 Allyson Hubbard
23 Loren Falling
24 Mia Bowers
25 Regan Brewer
32 Kaylee Coughran
33 Raiven Miller
Coach Kim Myers
2012-13 Cardinal
8th Grade
Girls Basketball
2 Gail Young
5 Darci Chester
10 Jamie Clarke
11 Quannee Tripp
12 Brittany Kickapoo
15 Rylee Delozier
22 Makayla Bowman
33 Kylie Alberty
35 Sophie Sallee
42 Mallory Vaughn
Coach Susie Vaughn
Sorry, I don't have a 9th grade roster yet (there were only 4 frosh girls suited up Tuesday and the 8th graders helped out ... with 9th uniforms and many with different numbers). Also note from Facebook that the 8th graders won all three games this week. Should have team photos for all the girls teams after Saturday. -- Ted 11/9/2012
Tuesday Night's Collinsville -vs- Berryhill Scores
7th: 17-34
8th: 33-18
9th: 31-34
Freshman Girls Basketball
(added 11/11/2012)
1 -- Megan Bell
5 -- Emma Alexander
10 -- Marlee Hearn
11 -- Ellen Thomas