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School Board Meet
April 9, 2012

Basketball Head Coach Changes
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Ted Wright's (unofficial) Brief Summary of results to match agenda item in photo below:
1-2) All board members present.
3) None
4-6) Approved
7) ECC Principal Ashley Boomer described a new full-day kindergarden prep program for students that would otherwise not have been ready to advance into the existing kindergarden classes.
8) Resignations accepted for a-e including Arlin Stacy from his head basketball coaching duties. He will remain as principal at Herald and as coach of the CHS Cross Country Girls team.
9) Approved (as is done each year)
10-13) executive session ~7:30 to 9:15pm
14) the current "All-Star" team of administrators was re-hired and the 'interim" tag was removed from Arlin Stacy's Herald Principal title. Teachers re-hires will be considered next month.
15) Hires a-c Approved including head boys basketball coach Todd Anderson who was an assistant at Memorial HS in Tulsa. Will teach also. The same 6-member search committee wil now start looking for the next girls basketball coach.
16) Approved (has been Patton for at least 16 years)
17) The hours taught cover for the only used snow day and the last day of classes for students moves to May 17th and professional day for teachers May 18th. Revised calendar.
18) Approved (renew for accounting software). Still considering for business side also later.
19-20) Roberts Bus Center bid accepted (~$97K each) for 4 new International school buses. Have recently paid off leases on another set of buses. No air conditioners but will have new diagnostic software capability.
21) School Board Policy Updates Approved. And will likely revise wellness again in July.
Revised Documents Approved by April 9, 2012 School Board (Word Documents) -- (& Revised Policy Index 4/12/2012)
2012 End Of School Modified to May 17th (students) & May 18th (teachers) Board Policy Section 4.31 -- Student Records Board Policy (new) section 4.38 Contagious Conditions (Head Lice) Board Policy (new) section 4.39 Wellness
22-23) Approved the Tulsa model for teacher evaluations (State required 1 of three models be selected) and will use immediately rather than dual pilot program requiring double work for principals. Likely $5K cost including training.
24) item skipped ... acting president ...
25) Approved special school board meet at noon May 23rd for sale of those existing bonds.
26) Lance West reported on these topics:
Continued work on building upgrades
* Summer projects also planned
* Technology updates
--- WiFI at CHS and Middle School now (other campuses later)
--- 20MB bandwidth will expand to 100MB by July 1st (Windstream)
--- Laptop purchases (~60) will be on carts at CHS and Wilson
* "Scorecard" show Collinsville test scores well above state averages
* Expect Collinsville to score B to B+ in state's new A-F school scoring system with A's nearly impossible to achieve.
27) Terry Due thanked Arlin Stacy for his coaching contributions and appreciated the "tough decision" to transition from coaching to administration.

Note: I didn't receive a digital text version yet but will use a photo of the posted agenda for now. -- Ted 4/8/2012

=======================Ted Wright's comments added in purple

Arlin Stacy Resigning As Girls Head Basketball Coach

Todd Anderson Hired As New Boys Basketball
Head Coach

Hirings For 2012-13

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