Collinsville, Oklahoma
September 13, 2011
8th Grade Volleyball At Glenpool
Collinsville 8th Graders Won At Glenpool
No Home Matches Yet

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I made my first ever bus road trip with the volleyball teams today (to Glennpool) and will have photos online in the next few days. I couldn't always see the score flip pads but believe Collinsville won all (or most) of the matches 7th-8th-9th-JV-Var. I have been to a few out-of-town Regionals before, but the primary objective today was to finally get action photos for the 7th and 8th graders who have not yet had a home game. Coach Smalyago says the teams will be able to begin practice in the CHS gym again this Thursday (Sept. 15th). The new finish on the floor (damaged August 10th) was completed Saturday and needed a few days to cure. -- Ted 11:15pm Tuesday Sept. 13th
Faith Sampley (#18)
Diana Kolosha (#30)
Alex Weaver (#4)
Megan Bell (#26)
Laishen Her (#12)
Marlee Hearn (#10)
Tiffany Trimble (#16)