Collinsville, Oklahoma
October 23, 2011
S-Curve / Main Widening
4 Lanes Taking Shape
East of 17th Street
Efforts Concrentrated Between
14th & 17th For Past Two Weeks

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Newly Remodeled Facilities at 13th & Main

Jim R. Dolton
Funeral Director/Owner

Melvin Lowe - Funeral Director
Christy Harris - Funeral Director
Betty Littler - Office Manager-Oologah Funeral Home

We Accept All Pre-Arrangements

The Homecoming Parade was diverted (after the park assembly) to 13th & Main (by the Library) due to the road construction to the west of 13th ... including this huge drainage structure in the middle of 14th & Main.

Diverging Paths -- The old path of Main Street west of the old S-Curve (to the left/south) will eventually be replaced by the new longer & 4-lane S-Curve (to the right/north) in this view looking west towards 17th Street where the two paths meet again.
This circular view of Renolds Funeral Home (formerly the Catholic Church) at 15th & Main will not exist once the large drainage / manhole structure is placed below the road surface. A similar structure has already been installed at 14th->.
The new extra lane (out of former right of way / grass yards) and the former west-bound lane have made dramatic change in the past two weeks between 14th and 17th on the north side of Main Street as the new road-way will soon be 4-lanes wide.
Looking west near 14th Street & Main with utility work continuing.
Looking west toward 17th Street.West bound Main traffic is still detoured to Broadway.
Fabric is now being placed east of 17th St. with a gravel base the next process similar to what has already been done west of 17th.