Collinsville, Oklahoma
October 1, 2011
Collinsville Team Built House In Owasso Headed To Juarez, Mexico
Collinsville Family Pharmacy In "Raising The Walls" Mission
Mission Has Adapted To Fear of Travel In Mexico

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Collinsville Family Pharmacy will be closed Saturday Oct. 1st as the staff will be building a home for a couple (in Owasso to be shipped to Mexico). Tharyn indicated they might be open briefly in the afternoon to handle emergencies. -- Ted 5pm Monday 9/26/2011
House Building Ministry -- Sept. 12, 2011

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I arrived a few minutes late (after 1pm Saturday) as most of the yellow shirted team members were leaving ... so am hoping for a submitted team photo later (see bottom of page). Did get the photo above with Marsha and Tharyn Nachtigall and Sari Blackburn. Tharyn and Marsha have been involved with the Missions Ministries for several years and used to travel to Mexico to build homes on site there. Tharyn indicated that in recent years with increased (drug cartel) violence in Mexico, the number of Americans willing to travel to Mexico has dwindled. To adapt, the mission now builds homes in the United States and ships them to Mexico to be re-assembled by a smaller local based team. -- Ted Wright 10/1/2011
I borrowed several photos from Joan Salisbury's Facebook posting Saturday ... showing many of the team members including the Collinsville Family Pharmacy staff. -- Ted
Information on the young couple that will soon call this structure home was posted at the Pharmacy this past week.
Four homes were built, partially dis-assembled, and then loaded on trucks at Owasso Saturday (near the Post Office within sight of Hwy 169).
Beth Davis provided the following group photo -- Ted 10/6/2011