Collinsville, Oklahoma
November 19, 2011
CHS Alumni Baseball
Even Year Alum Won 19-6
Chris Treibt Won Home Run Derby

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I don't have a complete list so won't attempt names as there are several I don't recognize. The even year alum were in blue and the odd year alum in red. -- Ted. [Rusty Blevins (3rd from right front row) did introduce himself as having been a freshman when Tony Reeder was a senior (in 1981). Rusty was in the final round of home run derby with 3 over the wall.]
Chris Treibt won the home run derby before the game began Saturday. Coach Tony Reeder was tossing the home run balls with Brandon Schmauss (2012 varsity) catching.
Several varsity players helped out during the game with "fresh" legs on the base paths for the "old timers".
Corey Ryder prepares to unload on this ball in the home run derby.
Jeremy Guest was pitching for the red (odd year) team.
Bryan Hollenbeck was pitching for the blue (even year) alumni team with Coach Reeder calling balls & strikes.
All For Fun -- Corey Ryder congratulates Jimmy West as he circles the bases with a first inning solo homer.

I had to leave after 2 innings but found this post on Brian Phillip's Facebook Saturday evening:

Baseball Alumni game was fun. Had a pretty good showing today. Good weather. Even year team won 19-6.

Feb. 4, 2012 -- CHS Baseball Banquet
(Rob Walton-ORU willbe speaker)