Collinsville, Oklahoma
July 22, 2010
Miscellaneous News

Broke Arm ... But Could Have Been Worse /
Ice Cold Watermelon Served Under
Library Shade Trees Sunday
/ You Could Help Throw Out First Pitch

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Library / Mayors Challenge
OK Collinsville…we have a matter of pride going here for the City of Collinsville and for your Librarian…who will have to live this down for an entire year.

There is still time to join the summer reading program for children and read 8 books and visit 4 times or for teens to read 6 books and no number of times of visits…we have great extra prizes as well as those given my Tulsa City-County Library…. And if we win the Mayor Challenge one child or teen will win a trip to Center Field with Mayor Sallee to toss out the first ball on August 8…a grand experience.

See attached for party information or below for the same information….. WITH YOUR HELP WE CAN DO THIS. Susan Babbitt (7/21/2010)

Sign Ups Completion %
Sand Springs

Splash Party at Collinsville Library

Sunday -- July 25 --3-5:00

Complete The Summer Reading Program for Children and Teens. Sign up for great prizes including a bike and helmet and if we win the Mayor’s Challenge you may win a chance to help Mayor Sallee throw out the first pitch at Center Field, ONEOK Ballpark Family Funday August 8, 2010.

Collinsville Fire Department will bring a fire engine to provide the splash for our party. Wear clothing you can get wet and bring a towel.

Be sure to bring your SRP booklets to qualify for your whale, coupon book, medal, & for the teens a fancy water bottle and coupon book. All may register for prizes.

See you Sunday, July 25, Collinsville Library, 1223 W. Main. A joint project of City of Collinsville and Friends of Collinsville Library

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Thank You Letter
Ted -
My sister and I had our children at the splash pad on Monday eve, and at about 8pm, she fell off of the spiderweb climbing equipment and broke her arm very badly. The people at the splash pad were so extremely helpful to us; getting our chairs, etc, picked up and put in the car, holding my sister's baby so she could call my husband, calling 9-1-1 for us, and going as far as talking to my daughter to take her mind off of the pain while we were waiting for the ambulance. We are truly blessed to live in a town that steps in to help when someone is in need - even without being asked. The Collinsville Fire/EMT squad that responded was so nice,calm and helpful. They made my daughter feel so brave and safe.

My daughter, Paige, who is 7, broke both bones in her left forearm. It was set in the hospital that night, but we are in a 2-week waiting period to see if she will need surgery or not. Thanks to the thick padding that is beneath the playground equipment, she was not hurt worse. She just happened to land wrong with all of her weight on that one area of her arm.

I just wanted to know if you would print a giant 'THANK YOU' from me to anyone who was out there that evening and helped us, as well as the Collinsville Fire/EMT squad. I want to tell them all - Thank you so much for caring and helping people that you don't even know.

Amy Eddings

(July 22, 2010)