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Signs Down On 156th St. N.

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Your Online Newspaper should win an award! -- For being about the worst possible way to design a webspage.

I mean seriously, WAY too busy.. color schemes are horrific and the general graphic & frame layouts are pretty much the worst you can do.

If this is a result of multiple people designing the web page I can belive and it should be stopped. If this is the result of one persons work, they need to go work at Dairy Queen cuz web pasge design 'aint fer them!

Holy cow, I think my eyes are bleeding. -- Benjamin Yurick (7/9/2010)
Sorry Benjamin ... Guess I should head to Dairy Queen to apply for a job instead of going to the park this evening to cover the happenings in this community better than any other media. I'm not looking for style points. Did you happen to look at the content? -- Ted Wright 5:25pm Fri.

Ted, please take down my message about how awful I think your website is LOL..

it was meant for you (as a webmaster) only. My message shouldn't be classified as "news" really for your town. ehhehe Also, on a more serious note, if you would like I can send you some great ebooks about good web design practices. I know you are not looking for style points but don't you want your visitors to have a nice experience and not be overwhelmed by all the "noise?" I cant help you improve the look of this beast.

Let me know and I will send you some in PDF form.

Benjamin Yurick (Fri, 7/9/2010)

No Thanks -- Ted
Dairy Queen
Ted, thanks for all you do to give us the local info. I check your page every day. I don't know how you get to so many places. Thanks for all you do in this community. By the way, let's get down to the Dairy Queen some day I could use a Blizzard.

Tim Prock
, Collinsville (7/9/2010)
Tim, Thanks. That email was so clearly from someone who has not tried to take advantage of the service that I am trying to provide. I understand I won't win any style awards ... as those are won by what I would call "fluff" web sites that are more concerned with their appearance
than conveying a broad array of info in a timely fashion. A Blizard does sound pretty good. -- Ted (7/9/2010)
Sign Vandalism
Last evening as I headed east on 156th (our street) approaching the Kansas Southwest (or Southern?) RR crossing, I noticed the railroad crossing signs were on the ground. Upon closer examination, one pole is flat on ground while the east side sign is 80% down. Vandalism of this serious nature can result in death, especially if someone is not familiar with the area. I did call Watco Transportation Co .. (own this line I think) in Wichita, KS and reported this. Someone also reported this to them yesterday but still no corrective measures taken
as of 1 p.m. today. Perhaps a picture and comment about this type of serious vandalism (and the consequences thereof) would be beneficial to your many followers on -- Susan Worstell (7/9/2010)
I saw your the message from Susan Worstell; I live just a few houses down from her and I have noticed several signs have been pushed over down 156th Street between 97th E Ave and 5th St including an "watch for ice on bridge sign" and the RR Crossing signs that Susan was talking about. These signs are very important; they arent there for people to just use their big trucks to just push them over for fun! -- Danny Mansfield (7/9/2010)
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I have no idea who Benjamin Yurick is, but I'm guessing he has a massive chip on his shoulder for who knows what reason. Maybe your website isn't the most visually pleasing site on the net. WHO CARES??? The point is it gives us a local news source, done by a seasoned reporter who knows Collinsville as well as anyone. I know the vast majority of your readers are aware of the countless hours and effort you put into it and we appreciate it. Keep up the good work.

Bart (7/10/2010)

Mr. Wright,

I was just reading the online news this morning and saw your post from the individual that was displeased with the website. Well I just wanted to say thank you for the information. I have been in the Air Force since graduating in 1991 and at times during that period could not keep up with current news from Collinsville. This site has allowed me to follow the current events even when I am sitting in a tent in Southwest Asia or South Africa, so once again. Thank you.

Randy Kay (7/10/2010)
The pictures you posted in the past, and the current pics are perfect. No problems, no differences.

Also, sorry about the idiot that sent the nasty email. Collinsville greatly appreciates what you do for our community. 100% support from us! You and your website are awesome!

Thank you, Sheryl Dyer (7/10/2010)
Hi Ted, Great coverage of the park festivities and my eyes are not bleeding from looking at the page! J

I appreciate all of the coverage and documentation you do for this community.

Tim Nelson (7/10/2010)

I just wanted to let you know that you do an amazing job all around. You are by far the best news reporter that i know of. I don't see how you are so many places at once but I do appreciate it. The web page looks great despite what that man had to say about it. I can always count on you to have important and interesting information posted about my hometown. Thank you for all the time you put into this. I wish more people worked as hard and dedicated as you.

Very Thankful Reader, Tara Bush (7/10/2010)

While your website isn't the most attractive one out there, you provide a great service to the community at large, including those of us who are far removed from the little Oklahoma town where we grew up (e.g., myself). I actually visit your site before I even consider going to the site for the local paper. Even then, I still visit before I consider going there.

As for Mr. Yurick, I would like to issue him a personal challenge him to pull off the work you do. You mention many times how you have to miss a City or School Board meeting for a sporting event or vice versa. I hope that someday you will have a "staff" for the site, even if it consists of high school students interested in going into journalism, photography, or any of the other myriad of things you have to do to maintain the site.

Keep up the good work!

BTW, Mr. Yurick ... a word of caution: if you send something to a journalist and it is even remotely newsworthy, it's going up.

Russell Wright (no relation)
CHS Class of 1994