Collinsville, Oklahoma
January 16, 2010
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Sharon Odom Is TCU Graduate /
Citizen Utility Bill Letter /
Potential Utility Bill Assistance

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Sharon Odom Earned Masters of Science
In Nurse Anesthesia From TCU

I graduated in 1994 from University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. I worked as an RN in different hospital settings depending on where Tim, my husband, was pastoring at the time. Upon moving to Oklahoma I worked as a certified Critical Care Registered Nurse at Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa in the coronary critical care unit. I was accepted at Texas Christian University (TCU) School of Nurse Anesthesia (Fort Worth, Texas.) I attended classes one semester in Fort Worth beginning August, 2007. My didactics continued in January, 2008 at Saint Francis in Tulsa through televised classroom and TCU. The majority of my residency clinicals were at Saint Francis and Natalie Outpatient Surgery Center, but I also worked at Oklahoma Surgical Hospital, and the county regional hospital in Altus, Oklahoma.

I completed residency December 4, 2009. I sat for my national certifying exam December 16 (and passed on my first attempt...YAHOO!!) The academic hooding ceremony took place at the famous Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth. I was recognized for completing the highest number (almost 2000) surgical cases among my class members. It was a very special and memorable ceremony and I was even more honored because the university asked my husband Tim (pastor at Collinsville Nazarene) to deliver the opening invocation/devotion speech. As always, he gave an awesome speech (not that I'm biased or anything.) The graduation commencement was that afternoon at TCU. I received my Masters of Science in Nurse Anesthesia. It was also a surprise blessing because friends from Collinsville drove all the way down to Fort Worth to be present at graduation.

I will be employed with Associated Anesthesiologists, Inc. and will continue to provide anesthesia services to the facilities that I did my residency training. I'm so thankful for being a part of the Collinsville community through all this. It has been a stressful last three years but the thoughts, prayers and encouragement from all the people here is what helped me accomplish the dream.

Thank you,
Sharon Odom, CRNA, MSNA

(Jan. 14, 2010)

Letter To The Editor:
City Utility Bill Payment Concern
I received a letter from the City today about my utility bill and this is how it reads "In May when our computers crashed we had to place all of our AMP customers on a fixed average instead of a floating average. The floating average requires 12 months of consumption history. When our computers crashed we lost all history. It's been 8 months & its time to ." I read this (and so do many other residents) as we are paying for the fact that their computers crashed & all of our history was lost. The letter also states that this will only be until May after that time it will go back to a floating average. This has caused my already high bill to become even HIGHER. We have been struggling to pay it for sometime now and especially the last 3 months because my husband has been laid off with no new job in sight. When the computers crashed it put us in a bind because our payment is drafted & since we never received anything (along with other residents) stating that these payments weren't being withdrawn we didn't know anything about it until we got a cut off notice from the City. So I think that we all should go to the next City Hall meeting and express our feelings on how things are being run. I have been a resident of this town for 33 years and have never had as many problems with my City bill as I have in the last couple of years.

Thank you,
One Outraged Resident

(Name Withheld By Request) 1/16/2010

Ted Wright Note: I don't know the particulars of this or any other city utility bill letter (of which I have received several this past year) but suspect (hope?) that the root problem is more frustration with accurate but high bills than with incorrect bills or a poorly run city hall. Showing up at a City Hall (Commission) meeting to complain on a topic that is not on the agenda is not likely to get your message heard.
I'm adding another letter (below) that I received yesterday that may be closer to the root issue which is hard economic times in Collinsville (& Oklahoma & the nation & world). But also noting that you don't have to be in poverty to disagree with your utility bill. Owasso Community Resources is a potential source for assistance with utility bills.

In Oklahoma, one in five children lives in poverty -- per 1/11/2010 Tulsa World (12% of Collinsville school kids)
In a message dated 1/15/2010
Re: Reponse to poverty article
Dear Ted,
I would like to help the less fortunate in Collinsville. I am looking to donate some coats and hats that my children have outgrown. I was wondering if you could telll me if there was anywhere in Collinsville to do this.
Thank you
Owasso Community Resources
covers both Collinsville & Owasso.
I'd suggest contacting them ... let me know if they mention anything more local. -- Ted

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