Collinsville, Oklahoma
December 28, 2010
5A-3 All-District Football

Info Supplied By Coach Kevin Jones
Jacob Smith & Joe Keith On Offense
Patrick Moss On Defense
Eight More Honorable Mention Cardinals

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Patrick Moss
All-District Defense (DL)
Jacob Smith
All-District Offense (OL)
Joe Keith
All-District Offense (WR & Returner)
5A-3 H.S. Football
Coach of the Year: Darrel Hall - BTW
Player of the Year: Derrick Alexanderl - BTW
Offensive Player of the Year: Isaace Bennett - BTW
Quarterback of the Year: Domique Sells - BTW
Back of the Year: Derrick Sanders - Memorial
Receiver of the Year: Tyler Lockett - BTW
Tight End of the Year: Tre Stearns - BTW
Co-Offensive Linemen of the Year: Dillon O'Carroll - BTW & Austin Garrett - Skiatook
Defensive Player of the Year: Cameron O'Brien - Bishop Kelley
Defensive End of the Year: Alex Powell - Bishop Kelley
Defensive Tackle of the Year: Justin Hunter - Hale
Co-Linebacker of the Year: Andrew Harris - Rogers & Kingston Pipestem - Skiatook
Cornerback of the Year: DJ Dempsey - Memorial
Safety of the Year: Dante Barnett - BTW
Special Teams:
Special Teams Player of the Year: Dylan Seibert - BTW
Punter of the Year: Joe Smith - Skiatook
Kicker of the Year: Robert Williams - Bishop Kelley
Returner of the Year: Joe Keith - Collinsville
Hardship MVP :
Harrison Lowe - Bishop Kelley & Tanner Scott - McAlester
All-District Offense:
OL Mitchell Jones - Hale
OL Taylor Hickman -- ?
OL Garrett Stafford - Memorial
OL Jordan Ryder - Memorial
OL Tim Skinner - Rogers
OL Jacob Smith - Collinsville
OL Will Saint - Bishop Kelley
OL Randy Patterson - McAlester
OL Jordan James - BTW
OL Montel White - BTW
QB Arthur Van - Hale
QB Alex Bollinger - Memorial
QB Jordy Albert - BTW
RB Tyler Brannon - Memorial
WR Chris Thornburg - Rogers
WR Joe Keith - Collinsville
WR Murphy Mitchell - Bishop Kelley
All-District Defense:
DB J'Kwon Thompson - Hale
DB Ashton Irvin - Hale
DB Briggs Westby - Bishop Kelley
DB Ned Dowdell - Bishop Kelley
DB Derrick Broadway - McAlester
DL Kenneth Catholic - Hale
DL JordanMcCurtis - Memorial
DL Maurice Alderidge - Memorial
DL Patrick Moss - Collinsville
DL Colton Johnson - Skiatook
DL Cody DeGraffenried - McAlester
DL William Whayne - BTW
DL Kiondre Martin - BTW
LB Jason Barnett - Hale
LB CharlesLee - Hale
LB Mikey Bradford - Memorial
LB RandleAnderson - Memorial
LB Garrett Berger - Memorial
LB Jake O'Brien - Bishop Kelley
LB Ty Lawerence - McAlester
S Simone Fields - Hale
Honorable Mention
Marquis Pratt - Hale Connor Faurot - Skiatook
Niekko Perez - Memorial Kemi Adetula - Bishop Kelley
Tim Sones- Memorial Ethan Nedvidek -Bishop Kelley
Roy Sones - Memorial Ian Dunning - Bishop Kelley
DeMichael Pittman - Memorial Jordan Simmons - BTW
Tyler Taber - Collinsville Tanner Robb - Collinsville
Will Wood - Collinsville Bryce Tole - Collinsville
Colby Phillips - Collinsville Shane Douglass - Collinsville
Josh Pennington - Collinsville Sean Thompson - BTW
Andrew Thompson - Collinsville Brad Brobst - BTW
Quedann Everette - BTW
Zach Pritchard, Collinsville, in 12/21/2010 Tulsa World All-Star Football List
All Star by Class is given by the OK Football Coaches Association. No game is played. All State is given by the OK Coaches Association. All Staters are selected from all the All Star by class kids. East vs West at the Coaches clinic in July -- per Jim Riley 12/21/2010