Collinsville, Oklahoma
December 7, 2010
Band Concert

Beginners, Advanced, Honor
& High School Bands Performed
Honor Band Will Also Perform For Oklahoma Music Education Convention Jan. 20th

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Beginning Band
Kayla Beagles Flute
Lauren Fisher Flute
Avery Longshore Flute
Jocelyn Mata Flute
Hailey Scott Flute
Emily Tate Flute
Jacob Tyler Flute
Daniel Wilson Flute
Kylie Alberty Clarinet
Jordan Carney Clarinet
Jeslynn Crowder Clarinet
Donovan Gilreath Clarinet
Abby Glenn Clarinet
Devin Grey Clarinet
Shylby Hudson Clarinet
Shelby McAnally Clarinet
Joelle Nelson Clarinet
Jordan O'Daniel Clarinet
Chase Stevens Clarinet
Adrian Sweeney Clarinet
Summer Thulin Clarinet
Willow Williams Clarinet
Kayle Bowman Trumpet
Timothy Caputo Trumpet
Hailey Cory Trumpet
Amanda DeVries Trumpet
Zachary Riggs Trumpet
Tristan Stanart Trumpet
Nicholas Taylor Trumpet
Dillon Tredway Trumpet
Timothy Aman Trombone
Kacey Blevins Trombone
Noah Brown Trombone
Preston Crocker Trombone
Cale Crutchfield Trombone
Larry Green Trombone
Nick Moore Trombone
Darren Moss Trombone
Mark Phillips Trombone
Jordan Spunaugle Trombone
Blain Strong Trombone
Codie Brown Percussion
Cierra Call Percussion
Tonya Durman Percussion
Russell Morris Percussion
Liz Randolph Percussion
Heather Thompson Percussion
Advanced Band
Emma Alexandra Flute
Lexi Aylor Flute
Jacinda Carroll Flute
Taylor Crow Flute
Cassidy Kallam Flute
Kalie McAfee Flute
Emily Gougler Flute
Hunter Altom Clarinet
Nicole Brasel Clairnet
Mackenzie Carpenter Clarinet
Jasmine Mata Clarinet
Caroline Patton Clarinet
Colten Stevens Clarinet
Masi Tallman Clarinet
Brooke Teehee Clarinet
Hunter January Clarinet
Kara Williamson Bass Clarinet
Bethanie Keister Alto Sax
Ashlee Goode F Horn
Garrett Denison Trumpet
Brady Denton Trumpet
Jacob Drinke Trumpet
Cassidy Fulton Trumpet
Michala McKenzie Trumpet
Joshua Moore Trumpet
Michael Pennell Trumpet
John Brackett Trombone
Julio Chavez Trombone
Samuel Guinn Trombone
Blake Hobbs Trombone
Austin Bradshaw Euphonium
Hunter Stevenson Tuba
Alee Lo Percussion
Billy Lo Percussion
Evan Vue Percussion
Honor Band
Kendra Mason Flute
Katelyn Bradshaw Flute
Nicole Roller Flute
Nickolas Stavros Flute
*Kristen Elmore Flute
Amanda Johndrow Flute
Jeana Smith Oboe
*Megan House Clarinet
Aundrea Brown Clarinet
*Cheyenne Anderson Clairnet
Madison Thetford Clarinet
Brianna Hadley Clarinet
Kirsty Blevins Clarinet
Joseph Downs Bass Clarinet
*Mikayla Blankenship Alto Saxophone
Kelsi Boyce Alto Saxophone
*Xavier Zelis Alto Saxophone
Heather Schaffner Bassoon
*Molly Sanford French Horn
Jordyn McConnaughhay French Horn
Zachary Kowena Trumpet
Kevin Lira Trumpet
Dillon Ramos Trumpet
Kristina Turpin Trumpet
Rylan Dilling Trumpet
Riley Ruge Trumpet
Blake Haddox Trumpet
Casey Campbell Trombone
Jonathan Lord Trombone
*Logan Robertson Trombone
Morgan Nickell Trombone
*Jakeb Glaus Euphonium
David Moua Tuba
*Jacob Landers Tuba
Justin Lewis Percussion
Hayden Miller Percussion
Paighton Tounzen Percussion
Michael Wrest Percussion
Clay Beagles Percussion
DeianiraConte Percussion
Liz Means Percussion
The Collinsville Crimson Cadets had their 2nd round of all-state auditions on Saturday. Paisley Eberle, and Emily Fuller, both clarinet players, earned a spot in the Oklahoma All-State Band!!! We are extremely proud of these two young ladies, and all those who auditioned. As a reminder, the concert will be on Tuesday, Dec. 7th at 7PM in the HS gym. We are asking that everyone bring a non-perishable food item to help those in need in our community. Thanks. Richard Newhart (12/5/2010)

Emily Fuller & Paisley Eberle
# All-State
High School Band
Kaitlin Brown Flute
Jacinda Carroll Flute
Damia Collis Flute
Bree Cross Flute
Kristen Elmore Flute
CassidyKallam Flute

Taylor Lemke

Kalie McAfee Flute
Emily Phillips Flute
Shelby Rasmussen Flute
Amanda Taylor Flute
Haley Taylor Flute
Casey Collins Oboe
*Micaela Rush Oboe
Justin Byers Clarinet
Jenna Chambers Clarinet
#*Paisley Eberle Clarinet
#*Emily Fuller Clarinet
Kara Gerber Clarinet
Jamie Holloway Clarinet
Rachel Mayes Clarinet
*Eric Shockley Clarinet
KayceThetford Clarinet
Izzy Mooney Bass Clarinet
Liz Caputo Alto Sax
Merrisa Jennings Alto Sax
Bethanie Keister Alto Sax
Lydia Plett Alto Sax
Colleen Shilling Alto Sax
KatieSowards Alto Sax
Bay Cassell Tenor Sax
Landon Whaley Tenor Sax
*Brandon White Bari Saxophone
Shelbi Brown Bassoon
Shelby Craig Bassoon
*William Counts Trumpet
*Amanda Florea Trumpet
Will Means Trumpet
Richard Moua Trumpet
Mariah Nickell Trumpet
Tyler Raley Trumpet
Devin Sharitt Trumpet
*Alyson Byers French Horn
Jared Glaus French Horn
*Josh McBlair French Horn
Troy Stanczak French Horn
Shannon Aman Trombone
James Gregory Trombone
*Rachel Griffin Trombone
Jason Johndrow Trombone
Alex Sears Trombone
Travis Moore Euphonium
Matt Tillman Euphonium
Kody Compton Tuba
Landon Coulter Tuba
Blake Stites Tuba
Chance Jones String Bass
Clay Beagles Percussion
Deianira Conte Percussion
Cassandra Hewett Percussion
Deontaye Gaines Percussion
Liz Means Percussion
Jacob Murphy Percussion
Zac Pasco Percussion
Ridge Rainer Percussion
Mitchell Reynolds Percussion
Gavin Rose Percussion
Taylor Sears Percussion
Alex Shepley Percussion
Band's Pancake Breakfast (Sat. Dec. 11th)
The Collinsville Crimson Cadets
Sponsored by:
Collinsville Masonic Lodge #165
is having a fundraiser
Pancake Breakfast
Saturday, December 11th
7:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
Location: Collinsville Middle School Cafeteria
Cost: $5.00
For more information or advance tickets contact:
Bob Eberle 918-633-6105