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April 25, 2009 (Online May 1, 2009)
Conference Track at Bristow
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Collinsville Teams
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The CHS track teams were both Tulsa 7 Conference runners-up at the annual meet held April 25th at Bristow.

HS Boys Results -

200m dash - Alex Goossen 4th, John Pinney 5th
400m dash - Jamaro Oakley 1st, Alex Goossen 4th
800m run - Isaac Dyer 2nd, Bryce Fulton 6th
1600m run - Isaac Dyer 4th
3200m run - Jacob Campbell 5th
100m hurdles - Jared Billups 3rd, Merin Oakley 5th
300m hurdles - Jared Billups 3rd
Long Jump - Jared Billups 5th, Antwan Colbert 6th
High Jump - Dominic Iannapollo 3rd
Shot - Kaleb Hamilton 1st
Disc - Max Kolosha 4th
400m relay - Houa Yang, Kyle Rush, John Pinney and
Antwan Colbert 4th
1600m relay - Merin Oakley, Dalton rasmussen, Antwan
Colbert and Alex Goossen 1st
3200m relay - Nate Jessie, Dalton Rasmussen, Trey Blissit and Jamaro Oakley 1st

HS Girls Results-

400m dash - Amy Fry 6th
800m run - Myranda Murphy 1st, Taylor Captain 6th
1600m run - Jenny Dyer 1st, Haley Taylor 4th
3200m run - Jenny Dyer 1st, Coree Lenhart 2nd
Shot - Randi Gilmartin 4th
Disc - Alissa Wilson 2nd, Kelsi West 3rd, and Emily Varner 4th
400m relay - Kathleen West, Tia Reed, Amy Fry and Brandi Green 5th
1600m relay - Kathleen west, Myranda Murphy, Ashley Koopmans and Jenny Dyer 1st
3200m relay - Jenny Dyer, Taylor Captain, Ashley Koopmans and Myranda Murphy 1st
The 7th grade girls were Conference Champions and the 8th grade girls were runners-up.

7th Grade Girls Results -

100m dash Kourtney Lincicome 4th, Sidney Smith 6th
200m dash - Kourtney Lincicome 3rd, Mati Bird 4th and Michaela Norris 6th
400m dash - Elizabeth Cottrell 4th, Sarah Shiever 5th
800m run - Elizabeth Cottrell 1st, Jamie Thomas 5th
1600m run - Jamie Thomas 1st, Marley Price 4th, Carley Michaela 6th
100m hurdles - Emily Roberts 6th
300m hurdles - Taylor Townsend 6th
Shot - Rachel Griffin - 1st, Shelbi Haynie 5th
Disc - Rachel Griffin 1st, Shelbi Haynie 3rd, Bridgitte Varner 6th
Pole Vault - Kasey Harwood T2nd
400m relay - Michaela Norris, Kourtney Lincicome, Sydney Smith, Kelsey Loftin 3rd
800m relay - Michaela Norris, Kourtney Lincicome, Sydney Smith, Kelsey Loftin 2nd
1600m relay - Elizabeth Cottrell, Kelsey Loftin, Mati Bird, Sarah Shiever 3rd
3200m relay - Elizabeth Cottrell, Jamie Thomas, Mati Bird, Sarah Shiever 1st

8th Grade Girls Results -

200m dash - Hailey Kirby 3rd, Paige Prather 5th
400m dash - Elizabeth Blissit 1st, Samantha Smith 3rd
800m run - Shelbi Kirby 1st, Elizabeth Blissit 2nd
1600m run Hailey Ganzel 3rd, Hailey Gipson 5th
100m hurdles - Casey Dickinson 5th
300m hurdles - Casey Dickinson 4th
High Jump - Kirsten Wheeler 1st, Shannon Driggers 6th
Long Jump - Shelbi Kirby 2nd, Hailey Kirby 4th
Shot - Misti Royall 2nd
Disc - Paige Wilson 2nd, Misti Royall 5th
Pole Vault - Rachel Mayes 3rd
400m relay - Michelle Linville, Paige Prather, Sara House, Kirsten Wheeler 5th
800m relay - Hailey Kirby, Samantha Smith, Paige Prather, Casey Dickinson 4th
1600m relay - Shelbi Kirby, Samantha Smith, Paige Prather, Elizabeth Blissit 1st
3200m relay - Shelbi Kirby, Shannon Driggers, Hailey Kirby, Elizabeth Blissit 1st
The 7th and 8th grade boys won the Tulsa 7 Conference Track Championship.

7th Grade Boys results -

100m dash - Zach Bunch 2nd, Dylan Cook 5th
200m dash - Joey Lisowski 4th
400m dash - Colton Brewer 3rd, Zach Bunch 4th, Derrek Burns 5th
800m run - Dillon Dyer 1st, Derrek Burns 3rd, Jakob Shaw 6th
1600m run - Jakob Shaw 3rd, Aaron Davis 6th
100m hurdles - Bradley Lewis 5th
300m hurdles - Dallas James 4th, Bradley Lewis 5th
High Jump - Colton Brewer 1st, Max West 4th
Long Jump - Dillon Dyer 1st, Connor Crutchfield 2nd, Jackson Due 6th
Shot - Cole Keim 3rd
Disc - Collin Sullivan 2nd, cole Keim 4th
Pole Vault - Bradley Lewis T2nd
1600m relay - Dillon Dyer, Max West Zach Bunch, Colton Brewer 2nd
3200m relay - Dillon Dyer, Max west, Derrek Burns, Jakob Shaw 1st

8th Grade Boys Results -

200m dash - Kendall Curtis 4th, Darin Turner, 5th, Tyler Dixon 6th
400m dash - Luke McKnight 4th
800m run - Hunter West 2nd, Alex harp 4th
1600m run - David Stellfox 5th, Hunter West 6th
100m hurdles - Derek Iannapollo 3rd
300m hurdles - Carter Rasmussen 5th, Trett Charles 6th
Long Jump - Derek Iannapollo 3rd
High Jump - Kendal Curtis 1st, Tyler Dixon 4th
Pole Vault - Jake Barton 2nd, Skyler Driggers 3rd, Brennen Aguillard 6th
Shot - Matt Rodgers 4th
400m relay - Kendal Curtis, Luke McKnight, Jake Barton, Tyler Dixon 2nd
1600m relay - Kendal Curtis, Trett Charles, Jake Barton, Luke McKnight 2nd
3200m relay - Trett Charles, Hunter West, Jake Barton, Darin Turner 2nd