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CHS Football at Hilldale
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Collinsville HS Football
Win 10-9 Over Hilldale on 3rd Quarter Isam TD & Crutcher Field Goal As Time Expired 2008 Football Sponsor 2008 Fall Sports Sponsor 2008 Fall Sports Sponsor 2008 Fall Sports Sponsor 2008 Fall Sports Sponsor 2008 Fall Sports Sponsor 2008 Fall Sports Sponsor 2008 Fall Sports Sponsor 2008 Fall Sports Sponsor 2008 Fall Sports Sponsor
Dalton Rasmussen (#85) barely missed hauling in this 20+ yard Lane Coulter pass early in the 2nd quarter near the Hilldale 20 yard line. The Cardinals eventually reached the 20 on this same drive but turned the ball over there on downs. The Cards had fumbled at Hilldale's 2 yard on their previous possession (near the end of 1st quarter). A muffed Card punt gave Hilldale their 2nd possession at Collinsville's 38 yard line setting up a Hilldale field goal at 4:43 in the 1st quarter for the only first half score by either team.
Kyle Crutcher (#3) kicked a short field goal as the game clock expired (again) to give Collinsville their first lead and the win.

Thomas Isam (#88) make the TD catch on this 14 yard Lane Coulter pass at 6:39 in the 3rd quarter. Crutcher kicked the extra point to narrow the gap to 7-9.

Hilldale had scored quickly on their opening possession in the 2nd half for an 0-9 lead.

Thomas Isam (far side at about the 8 yard line) caught a pass from the 22 yard line on a play that started with 18 seconds left in the game (after a motion penalty from the 16). The clock appeared stopped at 11 seconds when I checked. By the time the Cards lined up to try spike the ball (as they were out of time outs) the clock showed zero time. I was beyond the end zone by then where I could only see the clock by stepping up into the endzone during the long delay as the officials put some time back on the clock. The Cards then spiked the ball at about the 7 yard line and started the field goal attempt with 6 seconds on the clock. I'm still trying to decipher my notes to determine if the time should have stopped to move the chains? It's getting close to 3am and I was hoping to make a 9am kid's footbal game so will continue this page and two more with CHS game photos ... much later Saturday. -- Ted
A fan told me Saturday that Isam got out of bounds which should have stopped the clock ... if any one else wants to confirm or add a new theory. -- Ted (Sat.)
Collinsville & Hilldale both punted on their opening series but the Cards muffed their punt reception at their own 38. Hilldale broke several tackles on the next play (above) and reached the 10 yard line. Hilldale eventually reached the Cardinal 4 but had to settle for a field goal at 4:43 in the 1st quarter. This turned out to be the only 1st half points.
QB Lane Coulter relaying the play to the Cardinal offense after receiving the play from the coaches.
This Lane Coulter (#7) pass to Thomas Isam (#88) gained short yardage in the first quarter.
Kyle Rush (#32) coved from Hilldale's 40 all the way down to the 6 yard line on this Lane Coulter pass late in the 1st quarter. The Cardinals fumbed the ball back to Hilldale on the next play at the 2 yard line.
Note: This is the wrong photo (see page 3) leading to some of my confusion about the closing seconds. -- Ted
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