Collinsville, Oklahoma
October 13, 2008
Miscellaneous News

United Way Bake Sale - Pig Kissing /
District Convention For HRC Here /
Congressman Sullivan On Washington

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Oct. 9, 2008
Shaking up the Status Quo in Washington

As we all know, spending in Washington is completely out of control and in desperate need of reform. We are facing an ever increasing budget, continually growing entitlement programs and a federal deficit that economists predict will hit $500 billion by 2010. Our financial markets are in turmoil and the risks the American people face in this crisis are clear and for the most part completely unprecedented – it is hard to deny that the entire federal government could use a good dose of accountability in its spending habits. Simply put – the federal government needs to clean out the attic and trim the fat in order to operate in the most efficient way possible, putting taxpayer money to good use, not waste!

I introduced legislation to do just that. H.R. 7071, the Federal Agency Program Realignment and Closure Act (FAPRAC) will put Washington on notice that the days of an unaccountable and wasteful federal government must come to an end, and help save taxpayers untold billions of dollars in the process. My bill creates a 17 member bipartisan commission, comprised of both public and private sector officials, closely modeled after the proven Defense Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process, which will provide an objective, non-partisan, and independent review and analysis of all federal agencies and programs. The commission will target agencies and programs that perform a duplicative function, would perform better at the state level or perform better in the private sector and create a list of recommended realignments and closures. The list is then given to Congress for a simple up or down vote and cannot be amended. Taxpayer savings from this legislation will be used solely for deficit reduction and cannot be used to fund any new or existing government programs. It goes without saying that BRAC is a proven model that saves taxpayer money. If it is good enough to reform our nation’s military, it is good enough to be applied to the entire federal government.

I firmly believe that if we are going to keep putting new spending and programs on the table, then we absolutely must have a mechanism to take old programs off the table. The American people understand that if you spend too much of your budget this month you cut back the next. They expect their government to work the same way. It is time to drain the swamp in Washington and put the federal government back to work for the people.
If you wish to contact Congressman Sullivan regarding a specific issue, please visit our contact web page at

Bake Sale Oct. 17th (United Way)
Hi Ted
This is Doni @ Bank of the Lakes just wanting to let you know this month we are doing all kinds of things to help the United Way. So we wanted to see if you could help us spread the word. We are having a bake sale Friday Oct 17th to raise money for the United Way this all includes our other 2 branches, they all are baking but the sale will only be only at our Collinsville branch. And I want to tell you that we are having a pig kissing contest also to help. We have 5 different officers that we have to see who makes the most donation has to kiss the pig and I think we will have the kissing the 29th of Oct. I hope to let you know more when the time comes.
Thanks for any help giving!

Doni Enloe (10/9/2008)
Administrator Assistant
Bank of the Lakes, N.A

HRC To Host Oklahoma NE
District Convention Oct. 18th

Members of the Collinsville Home Representative Club met Oct. 7, 2008 at the Community Church, and finalized plans for hosting the OK NE District Convention on Oct. 18. Approximately 40 delegates and officers from northeastern Oklahoma are expected for the day-long event, which will include reports, histories, a luncheon , and a program regarding domestic violence. Each club has been asked to provide five gift bags for displaced children of domestic violence. Pres. Rusti Howard filled the HRC bags with items such as a teddy bear, coloring book, crayons, toothpaste and brush, etc., which will hopefully ease the trauma inflicted upon displaced children.

HRC members also voted to adopt Newborns In Need as a project for this year, and will raise funds and/or provide items for this charitable endeavor.
Jeanie Barnes gave an excellent program on recycling, concentrating on various types of plastics. She advised members of the services provided by the new general recycling area on Broadway in Collinsville, as well as the paper recycling available at the Library, and shared various methods of "being green."

Those also in attendance included Laura Maul, Barbara Colpitt, Joyce Baker, Margaret Waldorf, EvaJo Sheehan, Linda Pfeffer, Helen Murphy, Marsha Nachtigall, Bobbie Loveless, Kitty Thomas, Dee Fildes, Linda Vickers, Pat Anderson, Alberta Bonebrake, and Carolyn Brinkley.

Submitted by Linda Pfeffer (10/9/2008)
Ted, if you want to come and take pics on Oct. 18, the OK NE District Convention will officially start at 10 AM, Community Church Fellowship Hall, and end by 3:00 if not before. Early birds will enjoy a simple breakfast from 8:30 - 10:00; lunch, cooked by HRC members will be around Noon, and the domestic violence speaker will talk during lunch. President and CEO of the Tulsa Better Business Bureau, Mr. Rick Brinkley will be speaking at 11:00. We will be taking pictures of course, but we'd love to have you drop by for "official coverage" if you can!

Jeanie Barnes discussing the recycling program at the October HRC meet.