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CHS Football At McClain
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Collinsville HS Football
Earns 4A Playoff Spot With
4th District Win
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McClain QB (Shawn Jackson #1) took their first play from scrimmage from McClain's 22 to Collinsville's 23 on a keeper. Jackson's only other long carry was in the 1st possession of the 2nd half (for 44 yards). Collinsville's defense held the QB (who already had gained 1,425 yards before the Collinsville game) to small gains the rest of the game.
McClain reached the Collinsville 5 yard line on their 1st possession (after a 1st down at the 12). This 3rd down stop by Steven Majike (#36 and other Cardinals) and then the 4th down stop (also at the 5) stopped that threat and gave Collinsville the ball back at 6:19 in the 1st quarter 95 yards from their goal line..
On their 2nd possession Collinsville had already moved from the 5 out to their 37 before a nifty keeper by Lane Coulter got them to McClain's 10 yard line (where they started the play to the left which resulted in no gain).
This Kyle Rush (#32) carry got Collinsville from the 10 down close to the 1 foot line. McClain then jumped offside cutting that distance in half.
Kyle Rush covered the final half foot for the first Cardinal touchdown with less than 37 second left in the 1st quarter. Kyle Crutcher's kick was good giving Collinsville a 7-0 lead after covering 95 yards following the 4th down stop on McClain.
Collinsville appeared to have just as many fans as McClain at their own homecoming game in North Tulsa.
Kyle Rush (#32) made the stop on McClain's QB on this 2nd quarter play but all of the Cardinals did a good job containing McClain's main offensive threat.
Kyle Crutcher (#3 behind the ref) intercepted this McClain pass at the Card's 5 yard line at 7:46 in the 3rd quarter for McClain's first turnover. Alex Goosen also intercepted McClain late in the 4th quarter.
This was the first of 5 turnovers Collinsville had to overcome to get a win at McClain Friday. This fumble came early in the 2nd quarter and was controversial as the ball looked to still be rolling down the field when the whistle was blown and the ball awarded to McClain at their own 28. Collinsville also suffered an interception and a long interference penalty in the 2nd quarter but still reached half-time leading 7-0. In the 2nd half Collinsville fumbled twice in the 3rd quarter and once in the 4th.
The Collinsville Band was practicing their program (left) for OBA (the next day at Jenks) as well as preparing for the pre-game entertainment at McClain. McClain held their homecoming activities at halftime. The band left early Friday night to prepare for their all-day Saturday state competition.