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Collinsville, Oklahoma
Oct. 18, 2007
Oklahoma Centennial
10th in A Series
As We Approach Oklahoma's First Century As A State
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Sampling of Life
In Collinsville, Oklahoma
1940 - 1949

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My uncle, Bob Wright (CHS 1934), taught math briefly in Collinsville before the war. -- Ted
World War II Impacted Life and News In Collinsville, Oklahoma in the 1940's.
Collinsville's Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #3077 is named in honor of Joe Keith. Two 1942 CHS sports photos of Joe Keith (below).
Jimmie Banks was the first of many Collinsville casualties of World War II.
The early state-side news of "weak opposition" on D-Day proved inaccurate. Pilot Jack Murphy would later be downed behind enemy lines (1945 below).
The government regulation that no one drive faster than 45 miles an hour probably seemed harsh back in 1942 but I suspect the condition of the roads likely wouldn't have safely supported today's speeds anyway. The inter-state system of highways wasn't built until the 1950s.
Many day-to-day items were rationed in Collinsville (and all of the US) during the war.
The Faulk Quality Flower Shop has just recently opened in this Dec. 1948 news article. The ownership would later change to the Garner family which continues to operate Garner's Flowers at the same location today (13th between Main & Broadway).
These stories represent just a few of the many enlisted men from Collinsville. Some left high school before graduation to fight in the war. There were also many Collinsville women building airplanes for the war at the Douglas Plant in Tulsa.
This 1949 photos show the Collinsville High School (left, built in 1912) and the gymnasium (right, built in 1925). These buildings were in use until 1971 and 1983 on the block now in use by the Collinsville Middle School between 14th & 15th and Center & Spring Streets.
These Collinsville Rexall Drug Store (& soda fountain) employees listed their names on this New Year's greeting ad in Dec. 1949.
Collinsville had a 1/2 block downtown park (where Bank of the Lakes and the Education Services Center are today between 11th & 12th on Broadway) before voters approved sale of the land to the Verdigris Valley Electric Cooperative (VVEC) for their new home office building. The park had been known as Perry Park in honor of Rod Perry who was one of the first downtown merchants as well as a lawman in Collinsville for many years.
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