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CHS Football -vs- Grove
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Collinsville Lost 13-30
3 Fumbles & 1 Interception Hampered Cardinal Results But Not Effort
Card Defense Forced Fumble & Interception 2007 Football Sponsor 2007 Football Sponsor 2007 Football Sponsor 2007 Football Sponsor
Dalton Rasmussen (#85) got Collinsville off to a great start by recovering the opening kickoff at Grove's 28 yard line. Unfortunately the Cards fumbled the ball back on their first play from scrimmage.
Thomas Isam (#88) got Collinsville on the scoreboard with this 24 yard Lane Coulter pass with 1:01 left in the 3rd quarter.
Kyle Rush (#32) and Thomas Isam (#88) stopped this Grove run on Grove's first scoring drive.
Dalton Rasmussen (#85) scored the final Collinsville TD at 6:01 in the 4th quarter on a 10 yard Lane Coulter pass. The previous play was a pass to Thomas Isam moving the Cards from the Grove 43 to the 10.
Grove scored 24 first half points
Trumpet National Anthem
Tumblin' Tristan
Merin Oakley (#30) has just taken the handoff from Lane Coulter (#7) near the 40 yard line for a short gain in the 1st quarter.
1st quarter Collinsville offensive line charge.
Lane Coulter (#7) faked a handoff to Brandon McCoy (#20) who then tried to screen a Grove defender along with Steven Majike (#36) on this first quarter play. Coulter picked up a Cardinal first down on a short gain.
A local TV cameraman was injured in a sideline collision in the first quarter. He tried to shake off a leg injury but finally gave in to a ride for x-rays.
Kevin Phillips (#11) broke up a Grove pass (left) near the goal post late in the first quarter. On the next play (right) Alex Goosen (#21) and Dalton Rasmussen (#85) paired up to prevent a Grove completion at about the 2 yard line. Steven Majike almost intercepted the next pass and Grove had to punt already leading 0-7.