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Collinsville, Oklahoma
March 15, 2007
Misc. School News

CHS Senior Signs With N.O.C. /
V.V.E.C. Visits Middle School /
CHS Boys Golf /

Okla. School Funding Crisis /
Free TCC Tuition?

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Rachel Nelson signed to play soccer with Northern Oklahoma College (N.O.C.) at Tonkawa. She was joined at the signing today (at CHS) by her parents (Tim and Vicki Nelson seated) and CHS Soccer Coach Justin Schubert (standing left) and N.O.C. Soccer Coach Michael Riley.
Here Dad, you get to sign too.

Check back in May for Rachel's 2007 CHS graduate page with plenty of soccer, band, basketball and other photos. - Ted
Donny Hutchison from the Verdigris Valley Electric Cooperative (V.V.E.C.) talked to several science classes today (March 15th) at the Collinsville Middle School. Energy conservation was the main topic.
As the Collinsville Chamber of Commerce board meet was winding down today (March 15th) the following two school topics were brought up to make sure the community was aware:
Cory Slagle commented on the "unfunded mandates" causing a funding crisis at all Oklahoma public schools to varying degrees. Catoosa schools are eliminating teaching and support positions before this school year even ends. Collinsville schools are not in that bad of a position but still face a potential crisis as hiring decisions for 2007-2008 have to be made by April 15th, 2007. If the Oklahoma legislature does not act by then to help fund some their unfunded mandates (~$229,000 for Collinsville) schools may not be able to keep and/or hire all of the teachers needed for next year. Oklahoma legislative mandated teacher raises (which were only partially funded by the state) are major contributors to this issue. Another key contributor is the state relying on lottery funding for education which is well below amounts initially estimated. Cory recommends letting your Oklahoma legislators know your position on these topics as soon as possible. - Ted
Mayor Stan Sallee attended an event March 14th where 60 hours of free tuition to TCC for high school graduates (in Tulsa County with at least a 2.0 GPA) was announced. I'll have to do a bit more research on this topic but will link now to the Tulsa World coverage and TCC. The deadline for 2007 students to sign up is April 30. -- Ted
CHS Boys Golf Initial 2007 Outing
Results of the golf tournament with Edison March 13th (at Lafortune in Tulsa):
Jared Ward 75 (tied for 3rd)
Jared Crowder 109
Daniel Carney 109
Kris Carter 111
Kaleb Compton 121
CHS Boys Team Total 404

Jared missed getting 3rd place trophy on score card play-off. Jared Ward is the only experienced player returning. Everyone else is in their first year, and first tournament. -- Thanks, Coach Bob Pratt (3/15/2007)
Jared Ward