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Collinsville, Oklahoma
June 21, 2007
Miscellaneous News
British Soccer Camp / ECC Brick / Morrow Garden /
Paper Recycling for $1000 /
13th & Main Parking
The exterior brick work on the new Early Childhood Center is nearing completion. The top photos show the NW corner and back of the building and the photo below shows the front of the building. The entry drive is now open for the adjoining soccer & baseball fields but the parking area is not. (Previous Coverage)
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The kids above are getting soccer training from a British soccer expert (the biggest kid below in dark blue). A soccer camp is in progress this week at the Sportsplex south of town (near Herald Elementary and the ECC). The soccer camp started June 19th with 3, 4, & 5 year olds in the moring and 6-16 year olds in the eveving. The camp is put on by Challenger Sports. (
The garden at the Morrow Home Place has filled in a bit since the third graders from Herald Elementary visited on May 16th. The yellow structure in the background is the new Reasors Grocery under construction a mile away at Highway 169 & 20 (116th St. N). Jeff Rule with the Collinsville Garden Club is point of contact for the garden.
Some clearing activity occurred this week at the corner of 13th & Main on the future improved parking area to be shared by the City, The First Baptist Church and the Collinsville Funeral Home.
The Collinsville Library has entered into a paper recycling contest. Bright green and yellow containers - called Abitibi Paper Retrievers® - are placed in our ally where residents can drop off their newspaper, magazines, shopping catalogs and mail. We are collecting all types of clean, dry paper from our community. We need a 40% increase from the number of pounds collected last summer to win $1,000.00. Not a hard task for CV. Please think paper recycle and help us achieve our goal. An additional collection container has been added to our area for all those papers! Our goal is 28.7 tons as of today we have collected 10 tons. (June 21, 2007 per DR. Susan Babbitt))

Paper is weighed by a scale on the collection truck. Recovered paper is directed to processing centers where it is sorted into various grades and prepared for shipment. It is then routed to de-inking facilities and mills where it is used to manufacture recycled content newsprint. By diverting this paper from the waste stream, we estimate that over 2.2 million cubic yards of landfill space is saved each year. In addition, by eliminating our groundwood and kraft pulping operations at certain newsprint mills, Abitibi-Consolidated reduced air emissions and wastewater discharges.

We need ALL Your:
Shopping catalogs
Office & School Papers

Please do NOT include: