Collinsville, Oklahoma
July 26, 2007
Miscellaneous News

Softball Thank You /
Girls Track Coach Of Year /
City Manager Comments /
Fair & Pets / Chick-Fill-A Sept 6th

"Thank You"
Mr. Wright,

I was wondering if you could please do me a BIG favor and post this thank you to all on your web site. On behalf of myself and Kassidy Murphy, I would like to thank everyone who bought Sonic cards, jam or just donated money for the 2 of us to go to Nationals last week. We had a good time and came in 9th in the Nation. There were a lot of people that helped us to raise the money to go and this is the best way that I know how to thank them. We would also like to thank my mom, Carolyn Jensen and Kassidy's mom, Toni Murphy, for all of their hard work and dedication in making sure that we had the money to go. This was a great opportunity for the both of us and we could not have gotten there without all of the help and support that we got from the town. So thank you to all.

We hope to get the opportunity to go to Nationals again next year as 16 and under Metro. So we'll be selling stuff next year. The best part about next year is that it is held in Broken Arrow. Thank goodness, because we did not like Kansas dirt (ground). It was like playing on cement. I finally decided, after getting a huge strawberry on my right hip, that I was going to slide in head first. So here's a picture of how dirty you get when going in head first. Oklahoma ground is a lot better to play on. So once again thank you to everyone. School ball starts this week and we can't wait to play ball for our home town.

Thank you,
Mighty Mouse (Kristina Shearer) 7-24-2007

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Track Coach of the Year (Secret)

I am sending this email to you in secret. My husband, Kelly Anderson, just got back from Oklahoma City. He was there to attend the Oklahoma Coaches Association Annual Clinic. While there, he was presented with the Track and Field Girls Coach of the Year award for 2007 by the Oklahoma Track Coaches Association.

He loves teaching and coaching the students of Collinsville Public Schools. The kids in the classroom and sports that he has the privilege of coaching are a part of our family. He truly cares for their success in the classroom, field, and in life.

My hubsand is a humble man, and would not like me drawing attention to this acomplishment. However, like most proud wives, I wanted to share this accomplishment with you. Feel free to share with the faithful visitors to your web site.

Sincerely, Cathy Anderson (7-25-2007)

by City Manager Pam Polk

(July 26, 2007)

As we have tried to get the word out, we have started the city's Sanitation Department. The city has purchased the necessary equipment, and while it did get off to a rocky start, I think the guys are doing a good job. Henry Parks and Joe Jackson will be driving the trucks, making sure all routes are completed, answering questions, and keeping everything running smoothly. We have had a few snags, but if you will bear with us, we are working hard to get all the commercial dumpsters delivered (which should be complete by this weekend), get the routes down, answer questions, and provide the best service possible.

I'd like to ask every citizen to please help keep our town clean. There seems to be quite a bit of trash on the streets each day. The Street Department tries to stay ahead of it, but some people use our streets for their trash instead of the dumpsters provided. Please, do not throw your trash down. We ask that you put it in the trash cans or leave it in your car until you get home then put it in your own trash can. First impressions are lasting, and we want people to see a great looking town!

I'd also like to remind everyone of Section 14-107 of the Collinsville Code of Ordinances, Unlawful to Deposit Trash Upon Streets or Sidewalks: It is unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to deposit, throw or sweep into or upon the streets, alleys, parking or sidewalks of the city any paper, rubbish, grass, weeds, tree trimmings, dirt, trash, crates, boxes or other refuse of any kind. With the weather finally allowing us to mow, we have seen a lot of grass blown onto our streets. Please be aware that this practice is against city code and we are going to start enforcing the fines and penalties. The first offense will be a courtesy warning; the second will be fines and penalties of not more than $200 per day for each offense, excluding costs.

Grass blown onto our streets costs each of us. The grass seeds causing the asphalt to split and crack, water and ice then get into the cracks, making them larger, causing major damage. Grass also stops up the storm drains causing them to back up, which causes more work and costs to each of us. So please, help us keep costs down by not throwing grass clippings onto our streets.

We would really appreciate everyone's help. It's our town, if each of us step up and do our part, we can make a pretty city, beautiful.

If you have any questions or comments, please call 371-1010 or come by City Hall.

The annual Collinsville Tri-County Fair Children’s Dog Show will be held on August 23. Last year there were 23 children and 25 dogs who participated in the show, it proved to be the largest Children’s Dog Show that Tri-County fair has ever had. Not only did the children get to proudly show their dogs last summer, parents, friend and whoever else showed up got to view dogs up for adoption by 3 local animal rescue groups and everyone had a chance to bid on silent auction items. Nearly $300 was raised from the silent auction went to help support the new Collinsville animal shelter.

This year the Dairy Capitol 4-H Club, sponsor of the Children’s Dog Show, wants to expand things. A Pet Fair is going to be added so every child with a pet can show up to proudly show off their scaly, fuzzy or furry best friend. The Pet Fair will be happening in conjunction with the Children’s Dog, both will occur at the Collinsville Fair Barn, the Dog Show will be in the show ring and the Pet fair will fill the east side of the fair barn. Registration for both events will begin at 6pm on Thursday August 23. Registration forms will be available at the show or can be found in the Tri-County Fair Brochures that are available at all 3 Collinsville Banks and the Collinsville Library. Forms will also be made available on the Tri-County Fair website located on Both the Dog Show and Pet Fair are open to all children between the ages of 5-18, all animals must show proof of current vaccinations if applicable, all animals must be healthy and all animals must be kept on leashes or in appropriate crates at all times. For the Pet Fair, no livestock will be allowed. All Dogs being entered in the Dog Show must be over 6 months of age, puppies younger than 6 months can be entered in the Pet Fair.

In addition to the Children’s Dog Show and Pet Fair, the Dairy Capitol 4-H Club would like to have animal rescue groups bring animals that need homes and they would also like to have people who own/operate businesses that deal with small animal needs, for example groomers, dog walkers, trainers or boarders. No animal breeders will be allowed. Anyone who runs a rescue organization or who would like to set up a display to advertise their business is asked to contact Dairy Capitol 4-H Leader Deb Lutz at 371-8236 or email, a minimal fee will be asked for to set up a display, all proceeds will go to benefit the Collinsville Animal Shelter. If you would like to contribute something to the silent auction and raffle, you are also asked to contact Deb. Last year was a great year, let’s all work together to make this year even better! See you at the Fair!

Included is a photo of Gracie, the mascot for the 2007 Tri-County Fair Dog Show. Gracie was found abandoned and was adopted recently by Tyler Lutz.

Eat Chicken To Save A Dog/Cat
Thursday September 6, 2007 5:00- 8:00 p. m.
The Owasso Chick-fil-A will host a Spirit Night for the Collinsville Animal Shelter on Thursday, September 6th 5:00-8:00p.m. 20% of all purchases during those 3 hours will be donated to the shelter to help complete the building and fence the grounds. Chick-fil-A is located in the Owasso Market, 12015 E. 96th Street North...exit Highway 169 N at 96th Street and go West about 3 blocks...located on North side of 96th Street.

Friends of the CV Shelter, cow loving people who want you to each chikin, will be their to greet you and make you as comfortable as possible. Bring friends, family, neighbors...come early and eat often!

The Collinsville Shelter will be a no-kill facility and is scheduled to open by December 2007. Please spay and neuter your pets!

For more information: Susan 630-8832
Friends Of The Collinsville Animal Shelter (FOCAS)
A 2nd Pet Palazooa Is Set For Oct. 7th, 2007