Collinsville, Oklahoma
December 7, 2007
Wilson Elementary Honors
November 2007 Awards For Patriotism, Common Sense, Citizenship, and Flexibility

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Patriotism (the love for or devotion to one's country) --
Kneeling (L-R) First Graders:
Angel McAnally, Michael Lester, Mackenzie Parker, Anna Prodger, Cole Wamero, Josh Carver, Levi Cobbler, Micah Childers, and Casidy Ishmael.
Standing (L-R) Second Graders:
Ashley Flanagan, Corbin Williams, Andrew Mock, Lucas Grogg, Tony Conner, Cole Ishmael, William Gougler, Seth Weiser, and Daniel Kaiser.
Common Sense (thinking before acting, using good judgement) --
Kneeling (L-R) First Graders:
Aaron Renfro, Will Boyer, Jared Campbell, Jack Langford, Emily Carey, Kurtis Patton, Seth McKnight, Riley McGranahan, and Devin Guffy.
Standing (L-R) Second Graders:
Allie Dugger, Cassandra Morrison, Aubrey McClendon, Annie Haught, Tyler Riley, Mya Hilderbrand, Madison Couch, Mahala Clapp, (and Kyle Jackson who missed the photo).
Citizenship (behaving in a responsible manner as a citizen of a community) --
Kneeling (L-R) First Graders:
John-Michael Spunagle, Jeremy Mejia, Summer Jennings, Emma Harlan, Jacquelynn Fallin, Lacey Moore, Valerie McNatt, Cayden Cole, and Josie Thetford.
Standing (L-R) Second Graders:
Ethan Thomas. Jarrid Delp, Ryan Hunt, Clayton McKay, Cameron Camp, Blake Nation, Tanner Robertson, Brayden Little, and Lauren Smither.
Flexibility (the ability to make adjustments or alter plans) --
Kneeling (L-R) First Graders:
Jaden Boyce, Chloe Cooper, Rachel Lacey, Dakota Huff, Annie Davis, Bailey Vought, Hayden Knight, Callienna Smith, and Aryn Gerlach..
Standing (L-R) Second Graders:
Keith Duncan, Vanessa Provenghi, Evan Miller, Kylie Malone, Jordan Rogers, Amelia Spurlock, Bryant Her, Nick Thrower, and Brett Trimble.
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