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Aug 1, 2007
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Liquid Nitrogen Demo At Library / Collinsville Rodeo August 17-18 /
Fair Entry Forms / July 2007 Stats

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2007 Tri-County Fair Entry Forms
Little Miss / Little Mister entry form
due by August 5th
Children's Amateur Dog Show entry form
due at August 23rd show
Children's Pet Fair entry form
due at August 23rd show
Nitro Man Had Collinsville Kids Thinking
About Gas-Liquid-Solid Properties

Nitro Man (aka Robert Sheaff) is from The University of Tulsa. He is a professor in the Bio-Chemistry Department there. Using liquid nitrogen he helped the kids (gathered at the Collinsville Library Tuesday July 31st) better understand the properties of gases, liquids and solids and how they transition to/from those states.

A ping pong ball (with a small hole in it) dipped in the liquid nitrogen spun around the floor as the nitrogen boiled at our room temperature.
The small section of a flexible rubber hose became frozen in the shape of a "U" after being dipped in the frozen nitrogen.
After mixing ingredients for ice cream (which normally takes a long time to freeze using a crank or electric ice cream maker to finish) Nitro Man and his assistants had the ice cream ready to eat in a matter of seconds by adding the liquid nitrogen to the mixing bowl (above) and stirring (below).
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